Patient conversion rate refers to the percentage of prospects who turn into customers after a series of engagements with your company. It also explains the percentage of website visitors who take the desired action after interacting with your brand. It’s one thing to attract people to your blog or website, and it’s altogether a different thing to have them take action by filling out the contact form on your site or turning them into your actual clients.

As a medical tourism business owner, if you are experiencing a low conversion rate, you need to modify your digital marketing for medical tourism. This will enable you to achieve a higher conversion rate, get patients for medical tourism, and help more people who come to you from various parts of the world.

While there are several reasons for low patient conversion, ineffective communication, rooted in not being able to address the patient’s questions, and not clearly stating the services that will be provided are some leading reasons. Here are some ways to increase medical tourism patient recruitment:

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Identify the Initial Source of Engagement

How did these patients get to know about your website and your services? Did they get to know through Google, social media, a referral from a friend, or they casually stumbled upon it online? By identifying the initial source of engagement, you can allocate more funds to that source to get more potential clients, which will help increase your medical tourism patient recruitment efforts.

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Engage in Effective Listening

Effective listening goes beyond hearing what someone has to say. It involves concentrating, understanding, responding, and remembering the details of the conversation. You will increase your client conversion rate when you listen to their needs, what they desire to achieve on their medical tourism journey, and communicate how well you can meet their expectations.

Get the Details of their Medical Condition

Traveling patients reach out to medical tourism agents because they need assistance navigating the medical tourism process. So, you must educate them and identify the condition or illness affecting them. You will need this information to provide to your network of healthcare providers.

When are they looking to get the procedure?

Find out when they are looking to travel abroad for the procedure. Knowing this will help you put things in perspective. It will assist you in determining the level of urgency. You will know whether the prospect is ready for the medical trip or just looking around out of curiosity.

Get them Familiarized with your Expertise

Getting clients for medical tourism is also dependent on how familiar they are with your expertise. After identifying their medical condition and proposed time-frame, assure your prospective client. Assure them of your knowledge and the benefits they can gain from your company.

Get the Necessary Information

Do not expect that the patient will give you all the information you need. Before you end the conversation, get their contact details – telephone numbers and email address. Request for their medical information – diagnostic report and medical records to see if they are the right candidate for their desired medical procedure.

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