In the rapidly evolving world of medical travel, health tourism facilitators must seek opportunities to expand their knowledge and distinguish both themselves and their businesses. The Certified Medical Travel Agent Certification (CMTA) offers a unique pathway for those aiming to thrive in this niche yet flourishing industry. We recently sat down with our founder, Gilliam Elliott Jr., a pioneer in the field, to address some of the most frequently asked questions about the CMTA certification. His insights provide valuable guidance for anyone considering taking their first steps into the medical tourism industry or looking to solidify their expertise.

Questions & Answers

1.) What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a medical tourism company?

Conducting independent research can be beneficial, but based on what I’ve observed, the most successful medical tourism facilitators tend to choose a single, trusted source or company for all their informational and support needs. In contrast, numerous startup founders spend months or even years in the cycle of independent research, which often results in inaction and hinders them from reaching their objectives.

2.) What makes the Certified Medical Travel Agent Certification different from other courses in the industry?

It’s specifically designed for medical tourism startups, covering everything from best practices and risk management to new trends in medical tourism.

3.) Who should get certified?

The Certified Medical Travel Agent Certification is primarily for individuals in the beginning stages of starting their medical tourism company; however, it’s taken by people from a wide range of professions who are interested in the sector.

4.) How does becoming certified instill credibility?

The certification logo on your website and promotional material signifies that a third party has validated your company, helping you stand out and gain credibility.

5.) What languages is the certification available in?

Currently, the course is available in English and Spanish.

6.) Is there a workbook for the certification program?

The workbook is integrated into the certification and available online, alongside various materials including graphs, charts, and videos.

7.) Is the course offered in person or online?

The course is 100% online.

8.) Is this certification for facilitators worldwide?

Yes, it’s designed for facilitators all around the globe, regardless of their location.

9.) What is the difference between the certification program and the annual membership?

The certification comes in two formats: as a standalone program and within our annual memberships. The standalone option is purely the training, without extra resources. However, as an MTB member, you’ll not only access the course but also receive all the necessary tools to start and grow your company.

10.) Is there a discount if multiple people on our team get certified?

Yes, we provide discounts for team sign-ups and also offer memberships that come with multiple certifications.

11.) When and how will I get my exam results?

After answering each test question, you receive immediate results and explanations for right and wrong answers. Once you finish, your final grade will be displayed.

12.) What score do I need to pass the course?

A score of 75% or above is required to pass.

13.) What do participants receive after passing the course?

A certification seal for promotional use and a certificate of completion.

14.) What is the duration of the certification program?

The course typically takes around 12 hours to complete, but it can be taken at your own pace.

15.) What format is the course material presented in?

The material is presented in videos, written text, graphs, charts, and infographics.

16.) Can I preview the course content before enrolling?

Yes, a syllabus and overview of topics are available on

17.) How do I enroll in the certified medical travel agent certification?

You can reach out via email at or


Venturing into the medical tourism field is both exciting and challenging, filled with opportunities for growth and learning. The Certified Medical Travel Agent Certification stands out as a critical tool for those looking to make their mark in the industry. Through this comprehensive Q&A session with Gilliam Elliott Jr., we’ve uncovered the essentials of what the certification entails, who it’s for, and the numerous ways it can empower individuals and businesses alike. Whether you’re just starting or seeking to enhance your credibility and knowledge, the CMTA certification offers a solid foundation and a clear path forward in the vibrant world of medical tourism.

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