In this interview, Khalid Alzamil, a Certified Medical Travel Agent, recounts his experience taking the certification course, noting that it was informative and valuable for building a better business. He goes on to discuss the annual membership with Medical Tourism Business (MTB), and how the tools and resources provided have helped grow his startup. He highlights the support he has received from the MTB team, stating that it has helped him feel more confident and capable as a healthcare travel facilitator. Khalid emphasizes the importance of education and certification for anyone entering the medical tourism industry. 


Dr. Sam discusses his experience taking the Certified Medical Travel Agent certification (UK Doctor)

This interview is with Atakan Yağcı, who recently completed the MTB Certified Medical Travel Agent Course. Find out how this online course is helping him during the launch of his health and wellness tourism agency.

The first step to launching a successful medical tourism business is taking the appropriate training program. Find out how the Certified Medical Travel Agent Course helped Sahin Maurer’s medical tourism startup.  

So, how do you distinguish yourself from other medical tourism facilitators? The certification program by Medical Tourism Business makes you stand out from other professionals in medical tourism and demonstrates that you are committed to learning. It will give you key insights into profit-generating methods, which are particularly valuable for a startup business. Find out how the Certified Medical Travel Agent Course helped Hans Rood’s medical tourism startup.  

Whether your newly entering the medical travel industry or accelerating your agency, a certification is a great way to set yourself apart. Find out how the Certified Medical Travel Agent Course helped Rubelda Madrigal’s medical tourism startup.  

get certified in medical tourism

Gizelle Ortega Shares Her Experience Taking The Certified Medical Travel Agent Certification

My knowledge and skills at the beginning of the course were limited, but through this course, I have learned so much. Mr. Gilliam Elliott was a fantastic instructor, always available to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a Certified Medical Travel Agent. Mr. Elliott is the perfect person to help make your dream a reality. I have gained a deep understanding of what it takes to be a successful medical tourism facilitator, and the course also provided me with valuable marketing strategies and the opportunity for accreditation from a well-respected international institution. I want to express my gratitude to you and your team for providing such an outstanding program. Althea Robinson-Williams, Certified Medical Travel Agent & Facilitator Gold Member

“Thank you, Gilliam and Medical Tourism Business, for the awesome training!” – Teresa Dickson

“Gilliam Elliott is an excellent coach in medical tourism, the certification course delivered by him and MTB is very useful and practical! There’s no academic jargon, and the course is designed for everyday people who have the desire to enter the medical tourism industry! I really enjoyed the course!” – Linjie Chou, Certified Medical Travel Agent & Facilitator Gold Member

The Wellness City team would like to thank Gilliam for visiting us in Monterrey. We also want to thank him and his staff for all their recommendations. We enjoyed our time with you.- Facilitator Gold Member & Certified Medical Travel Agent

Thank you so much, Gilliam! I appreciate everything you have taught me, and I am grateful for the support and assistance you and your team have provided throughout this process! – Nurcan Tolun, Facilitator Gold Member & Certified Medical Travel Agent

Great course! Gilliam is humble and genuinely wants to help his clients succeed. Thank you  – Omar Q, Facilitator Gold Member

I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to get into the medical tourism business.  They offer a vast amount of information and material that opens your eyes and helps you take the best steps forward. – Dennis Patino, Facilitator Gold Member & Certified Medical Travel Agent

I am really happy that I decided to take the Certified Medical Travel Agent course because it increased my knowledge about being a medical tourism facilitator. It was very interesting and informative. It is not just boring text and quizzes. Each lesson contains a training video. Also, the membership I chose has all the essential documents I need for my business, I couldn’t find them on the internet before I met MTB. They also already gave us a few patient leads, it’s amazing. Thank you so much again and best wishes! – Ekaterina Ponti, Facilitator Gold Member & Certified Medical Travel Agent




get certified in medical tourism

Medical Tourism Business has been instrumental in assisting me to get my new company started on solid ground. The quick responses from Gilliam Elliott and his team to questions, as well as their website design services, have been very beneficial to moving my company forward in a timely manner. I love the fact they already have standard business documents available for use, so I can hit the ground running. – Tracy Griffith, Facilitator Gold Member & Certified Medical Travel Agent

Healthcare Tourism Certification Testimonial

The healthcare tourism course I took with Medical Tourism Business was eye-opening for me. It helped me learn a lot about the medical tourism industry as a whole and it’s potential for growth in the future. The topics presented in the course showed me where exactly the facilitator fits in the entire chain and how they can add value to the customer. The chapters walked me through the entire process of setting up a medical travel company and offered tips related to best practices, common pitfalls, and advice on how to stand out from the competition in this industry. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is about to embark on his/her medical facilitator journey. –Stan Touhlov, Certified Medical Travel Agent 

Testimonial From A MTB Certified Member

“As a nurse and avid global traveler, I found the content on the certification course extremely valuable, current and easy to follow. The material addressed the questions I had about starting a Medical Tourism Business. The Videos, News clips and Quizzes at the end of each section were a great way to learn and retain information. I would recommend the MTB Certification for anyone considering getting into this multibillion-dollar industry. Thank you, Gilliam Elliott, for your consistent availability and prompt responses.” – Charlotte Shumba, Certified Medical Travel Agent

“I want to thank the team at Medical Tourism Business who made it possible for me to become a Certified Medical Travel Agent. I highly recommend this online course for anyone who wants to start a health tourism agency. Mr. Gilliam Elliott will help you with everything you need in this journey. I really appreciate the numerous information you have provided and the help and support from you and your team.” – Sarah Elbouanani

“I really enjoyed the certification and found it very informative. The course material was well structured and simplified making it manageable to digest.” –Susan Hunter, Owner of Susan Hunter Lifestyle, Facilitator Gold Member and Certified Medical Travel Agent

Membership Testimonial

The resources that Medical Tourism Business provides are very useful for my startup company. Their contracts, practical manuals, and the other tools help to enhance the professionalism of my company, help me train and onboard employees, and move forward faster. Thank you. – Wes Jacobs (Apollo Medical Travel), Facilitator Gold Member

get certified in medical tourism

Certification Testimonial  

“The certification course by MTB allowed me to further develop my knowledge in healthcare travel. It explained step by step the process of coordinating trips for patients. It also showed me different ways to market my business worldwide. Our company will make this training mandatory for all future employees because the value it provides is indispensable!”–Zakaria Harit, Founder of Paris International Care,  Facilitator Gold Member and Certified Medical Travel Agent


Certificaiton Testimonial

“The certification was highly informative, engaging, and an overall great resource for anyone interested in the medical tourism industry. It provides you with a great foundation of knowledge & resources to feel comfortable entering the space or furthering your current knowledge.” – Matthew Forelli

Testimonial From A MTB Certified Member

“The certification course was very informative and well structured. I highly recommend the course.” – Alistair Kiwana, Certified Medical Travel Agent

The Certified Medical Travel Agent course was put together very well, with interesting content, that addressed my concerns about this niche market. Compliments to Gilliam Elliott and the Medical Tourism Business team for the support, and documents that were provided.  This experience has not only been informative, but I believe it is a “must-have” for those wanting to get involved in this growing field of travel. – Hans Rood, Facilitator Gold Member and Certified Medical Travel Agent

“Thank you so much. I thought that I  knew lots of things about medical tourism until I met you. Now I know that still I need to learn lots of things from you. Thank you very much” – Ildem Çiyiltepe, Certified Medical Travel Agent & Facilitator Gold Member

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