Medical Tourism Certification Testimonial Video

Medical Tourism Business has been instrumental in assisting me to get my new company started on solid ground. The quick responses from Gilliam Elliott and his team to questions, as well as their website design services, have been very beneficial to moving my company forward in a timely manner. I love the fact they already have standard business documents available for use, so I can hit the ground running. – Tracy Griffith, Founder of Healthcare Adventures, LLC

Healthcare Tourism Certification Testimonial

The healthcare tourism course I took with Medical Tourism Business was eye-opening for me. It helped me learn a lot about the medical tourism industry as a whole and it’s potential for growth in the future. The topics presented in the course showed me where exactly the facilitator fits in the entire chain and how they can add value to the customer. The chapters walked me through the entire process of setting up a medical travel company and offered tips related to best practices, common pitfalls, and advice on how to stand out from the competition in this industry. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is about to embark on his/her medical facilitator journey. –Stan Touhlov 



Testimonial From A MTB Certified Member

“As a nurse and avid global traveler, I found the content on the certification course extremely valuable, current and easy to follow. The material addressed the questions I had about starting a Medical Tourism Business. The Videos, News clips and Quizzes at the end of each section were a great way to learn and retain information. I would recommend the MTB Certification for anyone considering getting into this multibillion-dollar industry. Thank you, Gilliam Elliott, for your consistent availability and prompt responses.” – Charlotte Shumba, Certified Medical Travel Agent

Membership Testimonial

The resources that Medical Tourism Business provides are very useful for my startup company. Their contracts, practical manuals, and the other tools help to enhance the professionalism of my company, help me train and onboard employees, and move forward faster. Thank you. – Wes Jacobs (Apollo Medical Travel)

Certification Testimonial

“The certification course by MTB allowed me to further develop my knowledge in healthcare travel. It explained step by step the process of coordinating trips for patients. It also showed me different ways to market my business worldwide. Our company will make this training mandatory for all future employees because the value it provides is indispensable!”–Zakaria Harit, Founder of Paris International Care

Testimonial From A Certified Member

The certification content was well organized and very valuable. It was easy to follow the material and it answered the basic concerns one would have when starting a medical travel business. I would definitely recommend Medical Tourism Business’s certification program for anyone considering venturing into this business. I would also like to thank Mr. Gilliam Elliott for being available at all times. Even when I was overseas and the hours were different, he would get back to me right away, so thank you for that. – Sahin Maurer, Certified Medical Travel Agent

Here are the resources that you’ll have access to:


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Facilitator and Healthcare Provider Agreements

Patient Waiver Agreement

Contract Between Client and Facilitator

Patient Pre-Screening and Medical History Form

Medical Traveler Application 

Contract Guidelines (+ Attorney Notes)

Medical Tourism Disclaimers for Risk Managment 




1 Certified Medical Tourism Agent Certification

Individual Listings on B2B Directory 

Invitation to All MTB Webcasts and Webinars

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Certificate of Completion

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Work Book for Exam 

FACILITATOR GOLD (Includes Certification)



1 Certified Medical Tourism Agent Certification

Contracts (Patient Wavier, Hospital and Facilitator Agreement, Pre-Screening Forms, and Patient Application)

Patient Recruitment Marketing  

Facilitator Growth Kit (Templates, How-To Guides, Business Plans, and Beginner’s Manuals from Experts)

Access “Members Only” Networking Platform

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