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 Webinar Title: What’s the Value of Certification for Medical Tourism Startups?

Unlock the door to a vibrant career in Medical Tourism with our exclusive webinar! Learn why the Certified Medical Travel Agent (CMTA) certification is your golden ticket to success and how you can achieve it. Perfectly tailored for those starting their journey in this exciting field, our program sets you apart. Join us to discover the unique advantages that our CMTA certification offers compared to traditional medical tourism courses. Don’t just dream about a career in medical tourism – start your journey with us today!

Topics Covered 

– The fundamentals of global healthcare

– What professionals gain from becoming certified

– Emerging trends in medical tourism

– What is the role of a medical tourism facilitator

– Steps to starting a medical tourism agency

– Dental tourism trends

– Wellness tourism statistics

– Risk management best practices

– How will being a member of MTB benefit you

– What is the role of a medical tourism facilitator

– What professionals gain from becoming certified

– Risk management best practices

– Website best practices


Gilliam Elliott Jr. has spent a decade teaching people about healthcare travel. During this time, he has advised health tourism facilitators, hospitals, clinics, doctors, and other industry stakeholders around the world on implementing best practices in global healthcare.

Guest Appearance: Our Certified Members

Two Certified Medical Travel Agents, Ruby Madrigal and Dennis Patino, share their experiences starting health tourism agencies and obtaining the Certified Medical Travel Agent (CMTA) certification.

Ruby Madrigal

Dennis Patino




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