Having the appropriate medical tourism facilitator contracts in place is essential for operating a successful and long-lasting organization. At MTB, we take pride in offering the legal agreements and resources that healthcare travel businesses need to flourish in the industry confidently.

We provide a range of ready-made contracts and risk management tools, including:

  • Patient Waivers

  • Contracts Between Facilitators and Hospitals

  • Facilitator and Patient Agreements

  • Patient Pre-Screening and Medical History Form

  • Medical Traveler Application

These contracts and tools are designed to help you protect your business and ensure that you are operating in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Advantages of Buying Ready-Made Medical Tourism Facilitator Agreements

At MTB, our legal agreements have been carefully crafted by our counsel. These agreements will protect your company throughout the facilitation process, minimizing potential risks and threats.

In the medical tourism industry, there are many factors that can jeopardize the quality of care that patients receive abroad, such as exposure to infections or complications from a medical procedure. Even if issues that arise during a patient’s medical trip are not directly related to your facilitation services, you may still be vulnerable to a potential lawsuit if you don’t have the proper agreements in place. Having clear, well-defined terms in your contracts can protect you from such legal action and safeguard your business.

How Medical Tourism Agency Contracts Help Protect Your Business? [Founder Interview]

Patient Screening and Medical History Form

It is essential to determine if a potential client has any current health issues or a history of specific illnesses to assess the risk of working with them. Our pre-screening and medical history forms collect important information about the patient’s health, including current medication, previous surgeries, and family health history. This health profile will help you determine if a patient needs a physical examination before their trip and enables you to provide the best possible service. By having all the necessary health information, you can plan the perfect trip and avoid working with high-risk clients.

Limitation of Liability

Our contracts include limited liability clauses to protect your company from potential legal issues. They communicate to clients that you will not be responsible for certain things, such as third-party liability, surgical errors, medical malpractice, hotel issues, etc. The contracts also specify that you cannot anticipate theft or accidents and will not be responsible for errors that result in monetary compensation. By including this information in the contracts, we help ensure that both you and your clients understand your respective responsibilities and liabilities. This can provide peace of mind and protect your business from potential legal issues.

Patient Waiver Agreement

Our Patient Waiver Agreement helps to protect your business during the coordination of international health tours. It includes information about the advantages and potential drawbacks of seeking healthcare abroad, as well as the dangers of traveling after a medical operation and potential healthcare complications. By signing this agreement, the patient acknowledges that they understand that you will not be providing any medical treatment to them and will not give any medical advice, and they voluntarily waive their right to take legal action against you as the facilitator.

Facilitator and Hospital Contractual Agreement

Our facilitator and hospital contractual agreement outlines the services that you require the hospital to provide to your patients, including the presence of a healthcare professional who speaks the patients’ native language. It also includes expectations for the hospital, such as only using experienced and internationally qualified physicians.

Having a signed contract with the healthcare provider who will be taking care of your patients abroad is essential to protect your business in case of unexpected medical issues. Our pre-made facilitator and healthcare provider agreement also covers fees, commission percentages, payment terms, and other important details. This agreement will help protect your company and your clients.

Agreement Between Patient and Facilitator

This agreement outlines the financial arrangements between your company and the client, including the amount of advance deposit, package prices, and the estimated cost of a medical procedure. It also covers payment terms and adjustments for cancellations or rescheduled trips. This contract ensures that clients take full responsibility for their safety and agree to cover any fees and costs related to damages, including attorney’s fees in case of a legal dispute.

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