With more people seeking medical care abroad due to long wait times associated with universal healthcare and high out-of-pocket costs without insurance, starting a medical tourism business in Canada is a promising opportunity. To begin, you need to learn about the industry, by getting the necessary training and accreditation. Your agency can offer services like arranging travel, providing guidance to patients, and connecting them with suitable doctors and hospitals.

This blog will explore trends and statistics and serve as a guide, outlining the opportunities and steps involved in establishing a Canadian-based medical tourism agency.

Understanding Canadian Medical Tourism Trends and Destination Preferences

While the exact number of Canadians opting for medical tourism isn’t entirely clear, estimates suggest tens of thousands are seeking international medical care, collectively spending billions of dollars. Popular destinations for medical tourism include Turkey, Costa Rica, Thailand, Mexico, India, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United States. These countries offer a range of treatments and procedures, often at a lower cost or with shorter wait times compared to local healthcare options.

Why Canadians Seek Medical Care Overseas

Canadians are seeking medical treatment abroad due to long wait times, costly procedures not covered by universal healthcare, and limited advanced treatment options domestically. With waits averaging 27.4 weeks for specialist care, many opt for faster treatment abroad. Additionally, procedures like laser eye surgery for vision correction, as well as certain dental and dermatological services, require individuals to pay out-of-pocket, prompting Canadians to seek more affordable options elsewhere. Furthermore, the need for specialized treatments, such as advanced cancer care, often forces patients across borders for necessary care not available domestically.

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Steps to Launching a Canadian Medical Tourism Company

Here are some simplified steps to help you understand what it takes to launch your own Canadian-based medical tourism agency.

Medical Tourism Courses

Prior to launching a medical travel agency, it’s crucial to undergo comprehensive training in medical tourism. Enrolling in courses dedicated to this field will provide you with insights into industry trends, regulatory compliance, effective marketing strategies, and operational best practices. Additionally, understanding risk management protocols and legal requirements is essential for the successful operation of a medical travel agency.

Essential Contracts

There are several contracts you need to have to protect your business when arranging international health tours. These contracts outline the benefits and possible downsides of seeking healthcare abroad, including the risks of traveling after surgery and possible medical issues. By signing, the patient understands that you won’t provide medical treatment or advice, and they agree not to take legal action against you as the facilitator.

Create a Well-Rounded Business Strategy

Crafting a business strategy is essential for your venture, encompassing your objectives, financial projections, promotional tactics, and the range of services you intend to provide. Additionally, conducting an industry analysis and evaluating your competitors will bolster your plan’s comprehensiveness.

Identify Your Target Market

Understanding your ideal customer base is crucial for tailoring your services to their specific needs. Analyze the demographics of those seeking medical treatment abroad and anticipate the services they’ll require. Furthermore, consider the types of medical procedures and treatments you’ll emphasize in your marketing efforts.

Make a Marketing Strategy

Once you’ve identified your target audience, develop a marketing plan to effectively reach them. Utilize digital marketing channels such as Pay-Per-Click advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media platforms, or content marketing to engage with your potential clients.

Establish a Medical Tourism Website

Invest in a professionally designed website to showcase your services and initiate your marketing endeavors. A dedicated medical tourism website provides convenient access to information for prospective clients regarding your offerings and preferred destinations. Enhancing your online visibility through your website is crucial for expanding your reach and attracting more clients.

Work with a Medical Tourism Consultant

Seek the expertise of a specialized consultant to support the launch and growth of your business. A consultant offers invaluable insights into developing a holistic business strategy, overcoming obstacles to growth, and devising effective customer acquisition and revenue optimization strategies. They also assist in risk assessment and mitigation, as well as in branding and marketing efforts to strengthen your startup’s position.

Build a Network of Providers

Collaborate with accredited international hospitals as a medical tourism facilitator to ensure high-quality healthcare and patient safety. Accredited hospitals adhere to stringent standards, guaranteeing superior hygiene and care quality. Partnering with such institutions not only enhances your credibility but also instills confidence in patients regarding their well-being. Additionally, it demonstrates your commitment to delivering exceptional service.


Launching a medical tourism business presents a promising opportunity to both generate income and provide valuable assistance to individuals seeking affordable healthcare abroad. Equipped with thorough training and a well-defined plan, you’re well-prepared to establish your medical travel agency.

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