MTB is committed to supplying essential training and business development tools to health tourism agents and other stakeholders in the global healthcare sector.

Our annual memberships come with our health and wellness travel certification, plus every resource needed to start, operate, and manage a medical tourism startup.

Below are some of our most popular membership benefits:

Online Medical Tourism Certification

We provide an easy-to-follow health tourism online course that shows you how to build a medical travel agency from scratch. During the training, you will learn facts, statistics, and strategies from medical tourism experts.

This course was tailor-made for startup medical tourism facilitators, which sets it apart from other training programs in the global healthcare industry.

Real PeopleReal Results 

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Medical Tourism Facilitator Agreements and Contracts

These are contractual agreements between the “medical tourism facilitator and healthcare provider” to ensure both agree on mutually beneficial terms.

Patient Waiver Contracts

These are contractual agreements between the “patient and the medical tourism company” and will mitigate your liability if something goes unplanned during the medical trip.

Business Plan for Health Tourism

Our medical tourism business plan is an essential startup tool and can serve as a blueprint for your organization. This roadmap projects 3-5 years ahead and outlines your company’s route to success.

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Medical Tourism Website Templates

All MTB members get a 20% discount on medical tourism website templates and custom-designed websites. Website templates allow you to get online quickly by utilizing a pre-design website created for medical tourism companies. Each template can be personalized for your liking.

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Digital Marketing

Marketing is the lifeblood of a company because it allows you to present your service to your ideal customer. If you don’t have a website or your website isn’t ranked on Google search engine for international patients searching for medical travel, you may never be able to build credibility and attract clients consistently to sustain long-term success.

All MTB members receive a 20% discount on marketing services such as Google Ads and Search Engine Optimization campaigns.

Global Medical Tourism Directory

Thousands of medical tourists visit our online directories looking for more information about traveling abroad for medical treatment. By being listed on our directories, you allow patients to learn more about your service and how your company can assist them in the medical tourism process.

Each exclusive listing includes a corporate profile with your organization’s contact information, logo, and company bio. Get more exposure for your company by listing your organization on our global directory.

Networking Opportunities

Our membership networking platform provides your medical tourism business with endless opportunities to network with healthcare providers and fellow members.

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