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How Much Does It Cost To Start A Medical Travel Agency? (VIDEO)

By | Today I want to go over how much it costs to start a medical tourism company. This subject matter was inspired by an email I recently got, so I will read the email [...]

6 Things To Consider Before Starting A Medical Tourism Agency (VIDEO)

By | To start a thriving medical tourism agency, you will need to partner with high-quality healthcare providers. To do this, you will need to reach out to certified and accredited hospitals and establish a [...]

What’s The First Step To Start A Medical Tourism Agency? (VIDEO)

By |

Hi guys, Gilliam Elliott here with another medical tourism educational video. This one will be a response to an email that someone sent me regarding launching a medical tourism agency.  Hopefully, this will help you [...]

Dental Tourism: 3 Things To Know Before Becoming A Dental Tourism Facilitator

By |

Dental tourism is considered a part of medical tourism and is generally defined as individuals obtaining dental care outside their home country instead of their local endodontist. Dental tourism is especially popular with Americans and [...]

6 Ways To Boost Your Patient Lead Conversion Rate

By |

Patient conversion rate refers to the percentage of prospects who turn into customers after a series of engagements with your company. It also explains the percentage of website visitors who take the desired action after [...]

Do You Need A Medical Tourism License or Permit To Start An Agency? (VIDEO)

By | Hi guys, Gilliam Elliott here with another educational video about medical tourism. Today I want to do a quick email response video. I'm going to do these more often; hopefully, some of these [...]

9 Things Medical Tourism Facilitators Need To Know About Global Healthcare

By |

Over the years, the health tourism industry has grown significantly. The rapid growth of cost-effective international healthcare and quality medical care abroad has increased the demand for medical tourism in the most unlikely places. People [...]

5 Reasons You May Want To Start A Dental Tourism Agency

By |

Did you know that patients can enjoy massive savings on dental work in countries like Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Turkey, Hungary, and other medical tourism hotspots? 50 to 80 percent savings are standard in destinations [...]

3 Key Steps To Take When Starting A Medical Tourism Company (Video)

By |

Certification and Accreditation in Health and Medical Tourism If you are pondering “how to start a medical tourism business”, our certification and accreditation in health and medical tourism will outline the ins and outs of [...]

11 Secrets To Starting A Medical Tourism Company From Scratch

By |

Health and wellness tourism is an emerging industry, and facilitators can get unflattering outcomes from their efforts if they don't do their due diligence and study critical aspects of the industry. Every startup needs to [...]

How To Attract International Patients To Your Clinic (Video)

By |

The success and growth of any international healthcare clinic depend on its ability to maximize its patient flow by attracting new medical tourism customers from all over the world. Although a healthcare clinic can stay [...]

5 Things Every Medical Tourism Agent Should Do To Boost Business

By |

Medical travel agencies nowadays must do a lot more than they used to, in order to stand out from their competitors. There's more to medical tourism than simply booking trips from one country to another [...]

6 Facts You May Not Have Known About Global Healthcare

By |

Traveling outside of one's country of residence to receive medical treatment is known as medical tourism. In many cases, people seek a procedure or surgery that is either too expensive in their home country or [...]

MTB Welcomes New Graduating Class of Certified Medical Travel Agent’s

By |

If you are newly entering the global travel industry, give yourself and your company the best chance at success by taking the Certified Medical Travel Agent Course. This certification and accreditation in health and medical [...]

Medical Tourism Marketing Strategies That Deliver More International Patients

By |

When it comes to starting a business, whether it is a local business or international business, marketing plays an important role, and the healthcare travel industry is no different. One of the first things you [...]

How to Attract International Patients for Medical Tourism

By |

As the price of healthcare increases in certain countries, patients seek alternative options, which has made health tourism gain rapid popularity. Although many patients travel abroad to save money, others travel to access a higher [...]

How A Professional Medical Tourism Certification Can Give You the Skills You Need to Succeed

By |

Do you want to get started in the medical tourism field and make a lasting impression? You are in the right place. At Medical Tourism Business, we offer the most thorough online healthcare travel certification [...]

7 Things You Need To Start A Medical Tourism Business

By |

There are a lot of things that you need to consider if you want to create a well-established medical travel agency. This includes the quality of your service, reliable partnerships, competitive medical tourism packages, and [...]

5 Digital Marketing Tips to Successfully Promote Healthcare Travel

By |

Are you planning on expanding your medical travel agency? If so, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. This includes having attractive medical tourism destinations to promote, boosting your online presence, [...]

What are the Benefits of Investing in a Medical Tourism Accreditation?

By |

Due to Covid-19, patients are much more cautious about the health tourism companies and hospitals they choose to work with. Now, more than ever medical travelers want to know that you have some sort of [...]


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