Medical tourism in Dubai has continuously garnered attention throughout the years, attracting patients from around the world. This upsurge in medical tourism can be attributed to several factors that make Dubai a preferred choice for advanced medical care.

Remarkable Growth in Dubai’s Medical Tourism

Dubai experienced a significant surge in medical tourism recently, with 674,000 medical tourists spending around AED992 million. This marked a notable increase of AED262 million compared to the previous year.

According to a report by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), the majority of medical tourists in Dubai came from Asian countries (39%), followed by Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (22%), and Arab and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries (21%). Visitors from Asia, Europe, Africa, as well as the GCC and Arab nations, choose Dubai for medical care, seeking expertise in orthopedic procedures, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, fertility treatments, hospital stays, and post-treatment recovery.

Key Factors for Medical Tourism

Dubai’s specialization in a wide range of medical treatments is a key factor driving medical tourism. The city is renowned for its expertise in areas such as dermatology, dentistry, and gynecology. Internationally acclaimed specialists and healthcare professionals are drawn to Dubai, contributing to its reputation as a center of excellence in various medical fields.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is responsible for overseeing and improving healthcare services in Dubai. Its main goal is to regulate and improve the healthcare system, making it easier for residents and visitors to access quality care. The government has taken proactive measures to create a welcoming environment that supports medical tourism. DHA also collaborates with well-known international healthcare institutions to establish facilities that can meet the growing demand for specialized treatments.

His Excellency Awadh Seghayer Al Ketbi, Director General of the Dubai Health Authority, stated that Dubai’s commitment to delivering top-notch, patient-focused healthcare has fueled its expansion as a prominent healthcare destination, locally, regionally, and globally. He highlighted Dubai’s advantageous location, safety, excellent infrastructure, and outstanding facilities as another key factors contributing to its emergence as a hub for medical tourism.

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