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3 Key Reasons Why Medical Tourism is Growing at a Rapid Rate

Over the years, the health tourism industry has grown significantly. It has been growing by twenty five percent (25%) per year and valued at $439 billion. Furthermore, the growth rate of medical tourism globally is expected to increase even more over the next few years. Let’s look at reasons why medical tourism is expanding, and [...]

4 Reasons Why Facilitators Need Partnerships with Accredited Hospitals

If you’ve newly ventured into medical tourism and want to become a successful medical tourism facilitator (MTF), then you should know that it’s important to build good partnerships with healthcare centers if your main service focus is to refer patients to different countries and ensure patient care coordination and arrangement. Wondering why? Here are some [...]

Digital Marketing! A Problem Facing Medical Tourism Start-Ups & How To Fix it

The impressive growth rate in medical tourism across the globe has not only made more patients interested in traveling overseas for treatments but many aspiring entrepreneurs are now seeking medical tourism as their main business focus. Though venturing in this industry is a good idea, but in order to become a successful medical tourism travel [...]

4 Steps to Starting a Successful Medical Tourism Business

Medical tourism is a blanket term which covers all types of medical treatments through travelling outside of ones home country, city or providence. In other words, it means leaving your nation, city, or state of origin and visiting others in order to find different healthcare options. If you are curious about how to start a [...]

3 DO’s And DON’T’s For Your Startup Medical Tourism Agency

The medical tourism industry is a competitive and complex one; there are many aspects to think about and many angles to look at it from to make sure things run smoothly, and any one small mistake can end up being your undoing. In order to make sure you succeed, there are a few Dos and [...]

Avoid These 6 Mistakes As A Medical Tourism Facilitator

Starting a new business in any industry can be a difficult task; after all Bloomberg does report that 8 out of 10 startups don’t survive beyond the first 18 months. The medical tourism industry is no different, even if it is a thriving billion dollar industry. However, there are certain ways you can make sure [...]

3 Simple Tips For Building A Successful Medical Tourism Agency

The medical tourism industry provides one of the most lucrative business opportunities to budding entrepreneurs and travel agents in today’s world. These few tips will help you ensure your medical tourism company is successful and sees consistent growth over the years: Build Relationships  The biggest key to success as a medical tourism facilitator is building [...]

6 Quick Ways To Get Credible Customer Testimonials From Your Medical Tourism Clients & Boost Sales

Since people these days rely more on what customers say about you rather than what you say about your business and services, positive testimonials can play a significant role in boosting your medical tourism business and spreading your name in the market. Good and positive reviews from satisfied medical tourists on the homepage of your [...]

Want To Attract More International Patients? 9 Traits And Treads You Need To Know

Medical tourism is a rapidly growing industry. Exorbitant medical costs in developed countries are persuading millions of people annually around the world to leave their country for treatment in less developed countries. This is the appropriate time for a medial tourism agency to enter into this field and become an industry leader. But it takes [...]

Starting A Healthcare Travel Company in Colombia? Here’s What You Need To Know

The rise of medical tourism has seen a surprising number of countries across the world emerge as viable medical tourism destinations. These are countries which, despite being developing countries, as compared to the United States, the United Kingdom and others, boast healthcare facilities that are up to international standards. Colombia is one country that dominates [...]