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A Guide to Legal Issues in Medical Tourism (Video)

Important legal contracts for medical tourism facilitators Medical tourism companies are necessary for patients looking to receive affordable and safe healthcare abroad. As such, high-quality patient care is a priority from all ends – the healthcare providers, medical tourism companies, and the patient. However, mistakes can happen and may result in patients suing if they [...]

How To Design A Medical Tourism Website That Generates Patient Leads (Video) Creating a website may not seem difficult; however, making an interactive website that generates consistent patient leads is the hard part. The fact of the matter is that anyone can throw a website online, but if patients don’t contact you, you have done yourself and your business a disservice. Here is [...]

How to Promote Medical Tourism Using Google Ads (Video) Marketing Strategies in Healthcare Tourism Google Advertising is a fantastic tool for business owners everywhere. These online Ads are a great way to generate fast patient leads for your medical tourism organization. However, Google Ads only works when used efficiently. This article shows you how to optimize your healthcare tourism marketing campaign to [...]

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Medical Travel Agency? (VIDEO) Today I want to go over how much it costs to start a medical tourism company. This subject matter was inspired by an email I recently got, so I will read the email and outline the main costs when starting a medical tourism company. Some of these costs are reoccurring; that's [...]

Fundamental things to consider before launching a global healthcare agency (Video)

If you are pondering, "How do I start a medical tourism business?" Here are some fundamental things you need to think about: To start a thriving medical tourism agency, you will need to partner with high-quality healthcare providers. To do this, you will need to reach out to certified and accredited hospitals and establish a [...]

What’s The First Step To Start A Medical Tourism Agency? (VIDEO)

Gilliam Elliott here with another medical tourism educational video. This one will be a response to an email that someone sent me regarding launching a medical tourism agency.  Hopefully, this will help you if you have a similar question or are in the beginning phase of starting a medical travel company. The email starts, "Hello [...]

Dental Tourism: 3 Things To Know Before Becoming A Dental Tourism Facilitator

Dental tourism is considered a part of medical tourism and is generally defined as individuals obtaining dental care outside their home country instead of their local endodontist. Dental tourism is especially popular with Americans and Europeans. Aside from the cheaper rates they enjoy by traveling to other countries, people want a pleasant vacation and excellent [...]

6 Ways To Boost Your Patient Lead Conversion Rate

Patient conversion rate refers to the percentage of prospects who turn into customers after a series of engagements with your company. It also explains the percentage of website visitors who take the desired action after interacting with your brand. It's one thing to attract people to your blog or website, and it's altogether a different [...]

Do You Need A Medical Tourism License or Permit To Start An Agency? (VIDEO) Hi guys, Gilliam Elliott here with another educational video about medical tourism. Today I want to do a quick email response video. I'm going to do these more often; hopefully, some of these videos can answer some questions that you may have. Medical Tourism License The email reads, "Hi Gill, I'm [...]

9 Things Medical Tourism Facilitators Need To Know About Global Healthcare

Over the years, the health tourism industry has grown significantly. The rapid growth of cost-effective international healthcare and quality medical care abroad has increased the demand for medical tourism in the most unlikely places. People worldwide are now keenly traveling to other countries for medical treatments that are either too expensive or unavailable in their [...]

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