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How To Market Medical Tourism: 23 Marketing Strategies For Healthcare Travel

It is estimated that 75 percent of internet users search for health-related content online daily. And at the present time, 93% of all online searches start on Google’s search engine. Therefore, knowing how to promote medical tourism on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will enable your organization to effectively communicate your unique value [...]

Become a Professional Health Tourism Facilitator | Online Training Course

Launching a successful health tourism company is not an easy task which is why it is so vital for medical travel agents to learn the “best practices” of the industry. When it comes to starting a company from the ground up, you need to know what works and what does not work. This among many [...]

MTB Congratulates Newest Certified Healthcare Travel Professional’s

Starting a health tourism agency can be an incredibly rewarding mission, but there are a lot of aspects you need to follow if you want to succeed. That’s why we designed the Certified Medical Travel Agent online course. This course will show you how to set-up a profitable medical travel company from scratch. Today we [...]

European Medical Travel | Become a Professional Health Tourism Facilitator in Europe

Medical travel in Europe has become extremely popular over the years, with EU citizens using European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) to access free or discounted treatment in neighboring countries. There are also Europeans who are choosing countries outside of Europe for healthcare and non-EU citizens traveling to the continent for medical operations. These people, known [...]

5 Proven Marketing Strategies for Promoting Medical Tourism (VIDEO)

At the core of the medical tourism industry is the ability to attract traveling patients, especially international patients. Success in the medical tourism industry is dependent on the marketing strategies employed to gain the attention of medical travelers. If you operate a medical tourism company, you need to have a medical tourism marketing strategy in place to [...]

Common Marketing Challenges Facing Medical Tourism Companies and How To Solve Them

To become a successful medical travel agent, you need to understand the industry related challenges, so that you can take wise steps to overcome the obstacles and take your business to greater heights. If you’re wondering what these hurdles may be, then read on to find out. The Importance of Brand Recognition Today, medical travelers [...]

MTB Welcomes New Certified Members | Professional Certification Course

If you are in the process of starting a medical travel agency or becoming a healthcare tourism coordinator, there are key actions you must take to maximize your chances of success. At Medical Tourism Business, we offer an educational certification course that provides understanding into the responsibilities, opportunities, statistics, and “best practices” in global healthcare. [...]

Congratulation To The New Certified Members On Passing The Online Medical Tourism Course

On behalf of all the members and the management of Medical Tourism Business, we would like to congratulate Sahin Maurer, Charlotte Shumba, and Zakaria Harit on passing the Certified Medical Travel Agent online course. We look forward to working with you on your future endeavors.  Looking to get a certification in medical tourism? Contact us [...]

How To Successfully Market A Medical Tourism Website That Attracts Patients

With the increase of inexpensive flights coupled with skyrocketing healthcare costs, millions of medical travelers are catching flights to other countries for medical care each year. This is a great opportunity for medical tourism companies, international clinics and hospitals who need a steady flow of traveling patients to grow their organization. When it comes to [...]

4 Ways to Attract International Patients for Medical Tourism

If you are operating a medical tourism business or a healthcare organization in the medical travel industry, there is a good chance, at some point, you’ve pondered the question “how to get patients for medical tourism”. Today we are going to cover some methods you can use to answer this question. All of these solutions [...]

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