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Gilliam Elliott

About Gilliam Elliott

Gill is an expert on the topic of health tourism and specializes in working with facilitators and international healthcare providers. He has experienced highly successful outcomes through strategic marketing initiatives. With broad cultural, interpersonal, and sales experience, his skill set and passion have allowed him to develop and implement innovative programs and deliver favorable results. Each day he strives to contribute his expertise in global healthcare and brand development to the overall benefit of the medical travel industry.

The American Dental Tourism Market, Statistics, and Trends (VIDEO)

Why is dental tourism popular among Americans? Around 75 million Americans don’t have dental insurance, while another 6 million citizens lost their dental coverage during the global health crisis. Watch this educational video to learn more.

Europeans Flock To Turkey For Medical and Dental Treatment

The global demand for more affordable, quality healthcare has more and more people looking beyond their immediate communities and borders to meet their medical needs. The majority of medical tourists are seeking care elsewhere because the procedures they want or need are more accessible and less costly in medical tourism destinations than in their home [...]

The Global Dental Tourism Market Size | Statistics & Trends

A wide variety of dental treatments can be accessed abroad, from implants to top-notch veneers; this is called "dental tourism." Not only do top dental tourism destinations around the world charge much less than the US at their high-end dental clinics, but they also have some of the highest success rates. As health tourism agencies [...]

Medical Tourism Marketing | How To Get More Clients With Automated Emails

Are you looking to obtain more medical travel clients for your agency or clinic? Watch this educational video to learn proven health tourism marketing techniques. Download 11 Secrets To Starting A Medical Travel Agency for FREE: Download this FREE GUIDE for dental tourism:

How To Get Into The Medical Tourism Industry (7 SIMPLE STEPS)

Are you interested in the medical tourism sector or thinking about expanding your services to include health and wellness travel? This video goes over 7 steps you must take if you want to get into the medical tourism industry. Download 11 Secrets To Starting A Medical Travel Agency for FREE: Download this [...]

The UK Dental Tourism Market Size, Trends, and Statistics (VIDEO)

Why are so many UK citizens seeking dental and medical care abroad? According to the British Dental Association, there is now a backlog of 40 million appointments, and many dentists are no longer accepting NHS patients. Watch this educational video to find out what countries these patients are flocking to and how to attract more [...]

FREE WEBINAR: What’s the Value of Certification for Medical Tourism Startups? (VIDEO)

Join us for our upcoming educational webinar to learn about new developments in the medical travel industry and the benefits of becoming a Certified Medical Travel Agent. This online event will be on Thursday, April 28th at 8:00 AM EST. Follow this link to register today! Watch This Video To Learn More! [...]

The UAE’s Medical Tourism Market Size, Statistics, and Trends

Tourism is an important part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) economy. Though the country is known for leisure tourism, it has made great strides in boosting medical tourism, especially in Dubai. The UAE offers government-funded health services and fast-growing private health industries that provide high-quality health care. It has a well-developed health system, and [...]

How Do Medical Tourism Facilitators Make Money? (VIDEO)

The importance of a good medical tourism business model (also known as a revenue model) cannot be overemphasized. A good business model explains how the company will earn income, and it provides a blueprint for acquiring investors and establishing partnerships that will result in the growth and success of the organization. This video will show [...]

EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Medical Tourism Facilitator Contracts (VIDEO)

International Medical Tourism Laws Having a strong medical tourism facilitator contract in place is one of the most important steps when facilitating patients. But what is a facilitator, and what is their role in the medical tourism industry? As a medical tourism facilitator, it is your job to develop and maintain great relationships with accredited [...]

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