MTB provides a variety of learning opportunities to help you meet your educational development needs. Our annual membership is a must-have if you’re in the beginning phase of launching a medical tourism agency. Similarly, if you’re an experienced medical travel professional that needs more resources for growth—the programs we offer can expand your organization’s brand and connect you with more potential clients.

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Membership Testimonial

The resources that Medical Tourism Business provides are very useful for my startup company. Their contracts, practical manuals, and other tools help enhance my company’s professionalism, help me train and onboard employees, and move forward faster. Thank you. – Wes Jacobs (Apollo Medical Travel)

Our most popular program is the Facilitator Gold Membership which comes with full MTB benefits and patient leads from our consumer website, Make Medical Trip. Whether you want to attract patients to your country with inbound tourism or send patients to other territories with outbound tourism, we’ve got you covered.

You will be assigned a personal mentor and membership coordinator that will be responsible for delivering your membership benefits. Your mentor will be an expert in medical tourism and make sure you get the guidance you are entitled to as an MTB member.

get certified in medical tourism

Browse through a few of our popular services and begin the journey towards growth and success.

Sample Benefits:

Patient Leads & Web Services 

What are you doing to attract more patients? Getting a regular flow of customers to use your facilitation services is one of the most important keys to being successful in medical tourism. If you don’t have a website or if you’re website isn’t highly visible on Google when international patients search for a facilitator, you may never be able to attract enough medical tourism clients on a consistent basis to sustain long-term success. That’s why we provide website creation, Google ranking, and patient marketing on Make Medical Trip, our consumer website.

Medical Tourism Facilitator Certification  

We are committed to providing a variety of educational resources to help you meet your full potential in the medical tourism industry. We focus on continuous learning through our medical tourism facilitator certification and continuing education training courses, as well as webcasts, video conferences, and multiple other training methods. These educational outlets cover profit-building techniques, risk management, patient experience, industry best practices, and much more.

Legal Contracts

The ready-made contracts we offer are contractual agreements between the “Medical Tourism Facilitator and Hospital” and the payment arrangement between the two organizations.

Our patient waiver contracts are contractual agreements between the “Patient and Medical Tourism Company” to ensure you mitigate your liability if something goes unplanned during the medical trip or if complications arise from the medical procedure.

In addition to these contracts, we also have the” Patient Pre-Screening and Medical History Form” and “Medical Traveler Application.”

Members Only Networking Platform

Through this private platform, you will have the opportunity to network with medical providers, industry leaders, and fellow members across the globe.

“Best Practice” Guidelines

Our membership comes with best-practice tools and manuals that can serve as an essential roadmap and the blueprint for your organization’s success.

Branding and Digital Marketing

We utilize the latest and the most cutting-edge online marketing efforts such as online campaigns, press releases, and blogging to brand your company and your website throughout the medical travel industry.

Testimonial about our Certification Course and Patient Leads

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