Our membership focuses on growing your organization from every aspect possible in the medical tourism industry. Our annual membership offers continuing education, along with medical tourism industry resources like no other!

The medical tourism industry is growing increasingly competitive. Whether you want to attract patients to your country with inbound tourism, or send patients to other territories with outbound tourism. If you’re considering online marketing but you’re not an expert, our Facilitator Growth Kit is a must have for your business. 

Our services don’t end here; we are dedicated to help you achieve success in this ever-growing, lucrative industry. Our highly experienced experts are ever ready to advise you on helpful methods to enhance and expand your medical tourism business, boosting your appeal as a result. If you are looking for an efficient solution to boost your company, your brand and your income, browse through our extensive range of services and begin the journey towards growth and success. Fill out our inquiry form today!

Sample Benefits:

Patient Marketing 

What are you doing to attract more patients? Getting a regular flow of customers to use your facilitation services is one of the most important keys to being successful in medical tourism. That’s why we provide marketing content and strategies from experts on how to attract more international patients. 


We are committed to providing a variety of educational resources and industry best practices tools to help you meet your full potential in the medical tourism industry. We also focus on continuous learning through webcasts, video conferences, and multiple other training methods. These educational outlets cover profit building techniques and industry best practices.

Legal Contracts 

Sample ContractsThese are contractual agreements between the “medical tourism facilitator and healthcare providers” to ensure both parties are legally protected during medical coordination.  Patient Waiver Contract, These are contractual agreements between the “patient and the medical tourism company” and will ensure that you get your fees and mitigate your liability if something goes unplanned during the medical trip taken by the patient. To get more information about this startup package

Members Only Networking Platform

Through this private platform you will have the opportunity to network with medical providers, industry leaders, and fellow members across the globe.

Best Practices Guidelines

This starter up packages comes with a best practice tools and manuals which can serve as an essential road-map and the blueprint for your organizations success. 

Company Branding and Visibility 

We utilize the latest and the most cutting-edge online marketing efforts such as the online campaigns, press releases and blogging to brand your company and your website throughout the medical travel industry.

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