MTB provides various learning opportunities to help you meet your educational and development needs. Taking the Certified Medical Travel Agent certification is the best place to start your journey if you are in the beginning phase of launching an agency. It is the only training in the industry that shows students step by step how to launch, run, and grow an agency from scratch.

The best way to show prospective clients that you are a credible health tourism agent is by obtaining the CMTA accreditation and displaying it on your website and promotional material.

Membership Testimonial

The resources that Medical Tourism Business provides are very useful for my startup company. Their contracts, practical manuals, and other tools help enhance my company’s professionalism, help me train and onboard employees, and move forward faster. Thank you. – Wes Jacobs (Apollo Medical Travel)

Our annual memberships include the course, essential business tools,  mentorship, and many practical resources for your business.

As a member, you will be assigned a membership coordinator to provide you with the support you need and deliver your membership benefits.

We have assisted individuals and startups from different backgrounds and experience levels build medical travel agencies worldwide.

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Take a look at some of the benefits you’ll enjoy as an MTB member

Sample Benefits

Medical Tourism Facilitator Certification  

The CMTA certification is the only course in the industry that shows students step-by-step how to start, run, and grow a medical tourism agency from scratch.

Obtaining a CMTA certification is a great way to increase your credibility and help you gain brand trust.

Legal Contracts  

Solid medical tourism contracts are the most crucial tool to safeguard your agency from potential lawsuits. Poorly written contracts with unclear language are more likely to result in a lawsuit. Our pre-made contracts help protect your company through the medical tourism process.  

Essential Business Tools

Access essential business tools like patient outreach scripts, sample facilitator business plans, email templates, risk management resources, and more.

Expert Consulting

Our annual memberships come with 20 hours of onsite or offsite 1-on-1 consulting. Take the guesswork out of starting an agency by working with one of our medical tourism experts.


The most popular search engine marketing method is Pay Per Click advertising, also known as Google ads. Research has shown that 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. And at the moment, Google owns 90% of the total search engine market share. 

MTB offers premium Google Ads that will drive international patients to your online platforms.  

Website Design

Your online presence is one of the most vital assets in today’s world. Prospects’ first interaction with your brand is typically internet-based, and your website is where people visit when they want to learn more about your service.

MTB provides customized websites, landing pages, logos, banners, and social media pages.

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