Medical Tourism Certification Testimonial 

“As a nurse and avid global traveler, I found the content on the certification course very valuable, current and easy to follow. The material adequately answered most of the basic concerns one would have starting a Medical Tourism Business. Videos, News clips and Quizzes at the end of each section were a great way to learn and retain information. I would definitely recommend MTB Certification for anyone considering venturing into this multibillion dollar industry. Thank you Gill for your consistent availability and prompt responses.” – Charlotte Shumba, Certified Medical Travel Agent

Increase Profits, Intelligence, and Drive Growth

Our video training tutorials will help you gain a deeper understanding of how things work in the medical tourism industry and what you need to do to transform your startup into a profitable business. 

We offer these short educational videos for you to get tips and inspiration from. These introductory videos will help you find medical tourism business opportunities.

Our videos will feature medical tourism experts like Gilliam Elliott. He has been working with medical tourism facilitators and international hospitals and clinics since 2012. His videos for the medical tourism industry shed light on facts, statistics, and future trends that you should know about. Get ready to learn a step-by-step blueprint of how to create a sustainable medical tourism business that partners with top hospitals and attracts patients from around the world. These videos will also teach you ways to generate multiple streams of income through your agency in the medical tourism industry.

With this informative knowledge, get ready to step into the medical tourism industry with confidence!

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