Join us on Thursday, September 1st, at 8:00 AM EST for a webinar on Contracts and Risk Management in Medical Tourism. during this training you’re going to learn about proven methods to limit your liability as a medical tourism facilitator. Oftentimes critical issues are left out of the discussion when covering risk management in global healthcare. Follow this link to register for this educational webinar.

Free Webinar: Contracts and Risk Management in Medical Tourism

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Contract best practices

How to protect your personal assets from lawsuits

Complications insurance

How to use your business structure to limit liability

Which parties should have written agreements?

Limitation of liability clauses

Facilitator and hospital contracts

Patient waiver agreements

Facilitator and client contracts

Best practices when hiring a lawyer

Benefits of pre-made contracts

How to protect business websites from liability

How to avoid litigation

Jurisdiction in international law

Conflict resolution

How to pick overseas healthcare providers to partner with

Increase Knowledge and Drive Growth

Our webinars and video tutorials will help you understand how things work in the medical tourism industry and what you need to do to transform your startup into a profitable business. 

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Get ready to learn how to create a sustainable medical tourism agency that partners with top hospitals and attracts patients worldwide. Our webinars and educational videos will feature medical tourism experts like Gilliam Elliott. He has been working with medical tourism facilitators and international hospitals and clinics since 2012. His videos for the medical tourism industry shed light on facts, statistics, and future trends. These videos will also teach you ways to generate multiple income streams through your agency.

With this informative knowledge, get ready to step into the medical tourism industry with confidence!

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