Starting a medical tourism agency comes with its unique set of challenges, one of which is handling legal matters. A common question that arises is how to protect the business from potential lawsuits. The answer lies in comprehensive medical tourism contracts.

Medical History Form

The first type of contract is a medical history form. This form collects all the necessary information about a patient’s health history, including previous surgeries and current medications. It provides a detailed health profile that helps determine whether the patient is a suitable client and mitigates risk for the company.

Facilitator-Healthcare Provider Contract

The second type of contract is between the facilitator and the healthcare provider. This contract outlines expectations, such as the quality of doctors and language support for patients. It also details the fees to be paid to the facilitator and when these payments will be made. This contract not only ensures a better patient experience but also sets clear expectations for both parties.

Patient Waiver Agreement

The third type of contract is a patient waiver agreement. This agreement is crucial for risk mitigation as it ensures that patients understand the risks and benefits of medical tourism. It also states that patients take full responsibility for their health when traveling overseas for a procedure. This agreement can help prevent potential lawsuits down the line.

The Importance of a Governing Law Clause and Complication Insurance

In addition to these contracts, it’s essential to include a governing law clause. This clause determines which country’s laws will interpret the agreement in case of a dispute or lawsuit. Naturally, you would want this to be your own country. Lastly, offering complication insurance to all clients is a proactive measure that can further protect your company. Whether clients accept or reject this insurance, it should be documented in the contract. This way, if an unexpected complication arises during the medical trip, it’s already addressed in the agreement.


In conclusion, the best way to protect a medical tourism company from lawsuits is to have all the necessary medical tourism agreements in place and ensure they are signed by the clients. While this information is not legal advice, it is based on legal contracts composed by lawyers specializing in medical tourism and global healthcare. For access to these contracts and more, consider joining a medical tourism membership program.

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