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Medical Tourism Facilitator Growth Kit

Medical Tourism Business is the ultimate resource center where you can find everything you need to start your business and build a bright future for yourself in the world of medical travel. Our Facilitator Growth Kit is meant to eliminate the confusion that comes with having a startup in the health tourism industry.

The core aim of our educational program is to help your medical tourism company grow. Our Kit combines expert advice from industry leaders and legal counsel. With our ready-to-use documents and manuals you can create your ideal medical tourism agency and start making your dream into a reality! We have put together this all-inclusive Kit that is equipped with everything that a medical tourism company needs to become a leader in the medical tourism industry. You no longer have to gather industry-related information on your own – we have it all here.

The Facilitator Growth Kit Has All The Educational Tools Needs To Start And Run A Successful Medical Tourism Company!

Highlights of the Facilitator Growth Kit:

The Facilitator Growth Kit will provide you access to best practice tools and ready-to-use documents created by medical tourism experts, that will lead you to success and business growth. This educational Kit is a must-have for facilitators .

>Practical Tools, Legal Agreements, and Templates From Experts 

>Exclusive Interviews, Video Tutorials, and Examples of Industry Best Practices

>Increase Revenue, Intelligence, and Drive Growth

>Patient Surveys (+Traveling Patients Share Their Stories)

>15% Discount on Annual Business Memberships

>1 Complimentary Individual Membership Comes with Kit

>Business Plan for Facilitators (+12 month Profit Projections)

>Individual Listing on Directory

>Plus, You’ll Receive A Personalized Company Assessment Call From One of Our Experts.

Facilitator Growth Kit or Medical Tourism Facilitator Certification: What Do I Need to Succeed?

Our Kit is the golden key that can unlock all the success vaults for your medical tourism company on your way forward. This kit is much more than a medical tourism facilitator certification, it gives you actual ready-to-use tools that you can utilize in your business. Our tools introductory manuals assure that you have the best business growth for your startup! Here are the resources and training manuals that you’ll have access to with this Kit:


Facilitator Growth Kit


Medical Tourism 101 – A Beginner’s Introduction to Healthcare Travel

Contract for Facilitator and Hospital Partnerships  

Patient Waiver Contract 

Contract Between Patient and Facilitator 

Patient Pre-Screening and Medical History Form 

Facilitator Business Plan

Case Study on Traveling Patients

Access to Patient Surveys

Defining What A Medical Tourism Facilitator Is

6 Secrets to Starting A Medical Tourism Company from Scratch

How to Choose the Best Business Model for Your Company

Facilitator Pricing Manuals

Video Training Courses 

Traveling Patients Share Their Likes and Dislikes (+ In dept Interviews)

Successful Facilitators Share Their Business Tips

Return on Investment, Payment Structures, And Profitability

Add-Ons, Additional Revenue and Upselling for Facilitators

How to Connect with International Patients

Increasing Profits and Cutting Business Overhead

Exclusive Interviews with International Clinics who Partner with Facilitators

How To Increase Your Patient Lead Conversion Rate

The Key Role Facilitators Play in Medical Tourism

Patient Experience Best Practice Guide

Increasing Profits and Cutting Business Overhead

Website Development, SEO and Branding

Banner Design, Marketing, and Business Cards

Complimentary Individual Membership

Business Listing on Our Consumer Directory

How to Use Content Marketing to Get More Customers

Patient Itinerary, Invoice, and Billing Templates

Social Media Tactics for Marketing Your Business Online

Use our MTB members Logo

Introduction Email to Our Global Members


Invitation to All MTB Webcasts and Webinars

basic plan 


one time payment 

10% Discount

10% Discount

advanced plan


one time payment 

15% Discount 

15% Discount 

1 Basic Listing 

ultimate plan


One Time Payment

Outlines fees and commission percentage agreed on by your company and the hospital

Protect yourself and your business in case of any treatment complications

Let clients know what to expect from your company

Check patients’ medical history to calculate risk to your company

We offer exclusive video tutorials to help you gain a deeper understanding of how things work in the medical tourism industry and what you need to do to transform a startup into a profitable business. 

We asking them key questions about their experience and there "likes" and "dislikes". We extracted the data and broke the information into a statistical report.

Interview with leading medical tourism agencies who share their wisdom on how they become successful.

Interviews with international hospitals who partner with medical tourism facilitators, find out what they say make certain facilitator stand out and succeed.

We give you access to premium content, so you can gain as much knowledge as needed to navigate through the medical tourism industry flawlessly!

20% Discount

20% Discount 

1 Year Individual Membership

1 Business Listing with a Company Profile for Patients to View



Bonus Start-Up Tools:

We have conducted extensive only research to gather as much informational data and educational resources as we could for you! We are sure you will benefit from these complementary resources and templates that these online sources offer.

>Business Plan for Start-ups

>Website Templates

>Stock Photos

>12-Month Profit and Loss Projection

>Brand Message Worksheet

>Start-Up Expenses Tool

>Marketing Expenses Strategy Chart

*Notice regarding our ‘Bonus Tools’* We will provide you with the link to the company’s website so you can go directly to their page and access their free online tools from their platforms.

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