Annual Membership or Medical Tourism Facilitator Certification: What Do You Need to Succeed?

The Facilitator Gold Membership

The Facilitator Gold Membership is our most popular program. Beginners and veterans alike enjoy the variety of resources that come with it; pre-made contracts, sample business plans, patient leads, ready-to-use manuals, a certification, and other standard documents that you can utilize in day-to-day business operations. These tools assure that you will have the max growth for your agency.

MTB is the ultimate platform for beginners; you can find everything you need to start your agency and build a bright future for yourself in the world of global healthcare.

Get certified in medical tourism

Medical Tourism Training Courses

Our medical and wellness tourism certification can open doors for you on your way forward. This program is much more than a one-time training course; it gives you continuous education throughout the year. Our online accreditation eliminates the complexity of launching a health and wellness tourism startup.

The core aim of the training is to show you step-by-step how to start and operate a healthcare travel agency from scratch. Each course module is filled with “best practices” from world-class leaders.

Today’s traveling patients prefer facilitators who have expert training and specialized knowledge. A sure way to prove that your agency has credibility is to show prospects that you’ve received the proper medical tourism educational training.

The fact of the matter is that some medical travelers will have genuine fears and concerns about flying to an overseas destination for a medical procedure. It is your responsibility to reduce their worries. For this, you need accreditation logos and membership logos to prove you have medical tourism training and demonstrate that you are a serious organization in the global healthcare field.

We provide online training courses to individuals seeking to understand medical travel facilitation. Additionally, this improves your revenue, increases your market value, enriches insight, and helps you to stay in front of your competition. Having a medical tourism facilitator certification also highlights your commitment to continuous education and gives a great impression to future clients.

The MTB Health and WellnessTourism Accreditation Has All The Training Needed To Start A Successful Agency!

Certification Testimonial

The healthcare tourism course I took with Medical Tourism Business was eye-opening for me. It helped me learn a lot about the medical tourism industry as a whole and its potential for growth in the future. The topics presented in the course showed me where exactly the facilitator fits in the entire chain and how they can add value to the customer. The chapters walked me through the entire process of setting up a medical travel company and offered tips related to best practices, common pitfalls, and advice on how to stand out from the competition in this industry. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is about to embark on his/her medical facilitator journey. –Stan Touhlov 

Get certified in medical tourism

Highlights of the Medical and Wellness Tourism Course:

The medical and wellness tourism course will uncover essential data and give you a groundbreaking blueprint of how to win in this business. Here are some topics that are covered in the program:

>Learn What Motivates Traveling Patients to Utilize Medical Tourism

>Understand What Role a Facilitator Plays in the Aftercare Process

>Learn How to Coordinate a World-Class Trip for Your Clients

>Learn About Business Models, Risk Management, and Branding

>Practical Tools, Legal Agreements, and Templates From Experts 

>MTB Directory Listing and Profile  

>Plus, You’ll Receive A Personalized Company Assessment Call From One of Our Experts.

Here are the resources that you’ll have access to:



Free Trial









Facilitator and Healthcare Provider Agreements

Patient Waiver Agreement

Contract Between Client and Facilitator

Patient Pre-Screening and Medical History Form

Medical Traveler Application 

Contract Guidelines (+ Attorney Notes)

Medical Tourism Disclaimers for Risk Managment 




1 Certified Medical Tourism Agent Certification

Individual Listings on B2B Directory 

Invitation to All MTB Webcasts and Webinars

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Certificate of Completion

15% Off Website Development, SEO and Digital Marketing

Work Book for Exam 

FACILITATOR GOLD (Includes Certification)



1 Certified Medical Tourism Agent Certification

Contracts (Patient Wavier, Hospital and Facilitator Agreement, Pre-Screening Forms, and Patient Application)

Patient Recruitment Marketing  

Facilitator Growth Kit (Templates, How-To Guides, Business Plans, and Beginner’s Manuals from Experts)

Access “Members Only” Networking Platform

20% Off Website Development, SEO and Digital Marketing

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