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Gilliam Elliott

About Gilliam Elliott

Gill is an expert on the topic of health tourism and specializes in working with medical tourism facilitators and international healthcare providers. Gill has experienced highly successful outcomes through strategic marketing initiatives. With broad cultural, interpersonal, and sales experience, his skill set and passion has allowed him to develop and implement innovative programs and deliver favorable results. Each day he strives to contribute his expertise in health tourism and brand development to the overall benefit of the medical travel industry.

Covid-19: How Can International Clinics Keep Patients Safe?

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the wellbeing and safety of individuals around the world. During this global turmoil, many people are fearful of going outside of their homes. However, there are some non-coronavirus medical conditions that cannot wait. If somebody needs critical care or a medical procedure to better their quality of life, they will [...]

4 Ways Medical Tourism Certifications Make You More Successful

Testimonial From A MTB Certified Member “As a nurse and avid global traveler, I found the content on the certification course extremely valuable, current and easy to follow. The material addressed the questions I had about starting a medical tourism company. The Videos, News clips and Quizzes at the end of each section were a [...]

Marketing Strategies: How To Attract Patients For Medical Tourism

If you want to succeed in any business, you must get your company in front of your target audience. And the healthcare travel industry is no different. The first thing you must do to attract patients for medical tourism is identify who your ideal customer is. This means being as specific as possible and describing [...]

4 Benefits of Listing Your Business on a Medical Tourism Directory

Most business owners in the healthcare travel industry are familiar with medical tourism directories but aren’t exactly sure what the marketing benefits are when it comes to attracting new clients. Online medical tourism directories are no longer a “good to have”; Today international patients seek out organizations who exhibit trust and credibility and for that [...]

Medical Tourism Agency In India: Starting And Operating A Medical Tourism Company In India

MedTours Global describes themselves as dynamic, energetic, enterprising and a helpful medical travel agency. They help their clients get visas, find the best doctors at the best hospitals, and provide 24 hour a day assistance while they are on their medical trip. They also have the ability to arrange holistic, alternative therapies, and other wellness [...]

A Valuable Lesson From A German Medical Tourism Agency

Germany is described as the “Hospital of Europe” by many people, because of its high quality of healthcare. The surge of medical tourists flocking to the country each year is a testament to this. Although traveling patients come from all over the world, Russian and Middle Eastern patients seek Germany as a medical tourism destination, [...]

Start A Dental Tourism Business In Turkey | Learn How To Partner With Dental Clinics

Starting A Dental Tourism Business  Dental tourism is one of the most sought-after forms of medical travel, and Turkey is rising in popularity as a destination for dental tourism. This trend is a great opportunity for individuals interested in starting a dental tourism business because the demand is there, and people are already participating in [...]

Medical Tourism Facilitator Founder, Shares Her Best Advice (Interview)

Remedē Health is a premier provider of global medical, health & beauty services and solutions. This American based organization does more than just provide resources for their international patients. They create and develop unique concierge packages that deliver value that best meets their medical tourism client’s needs. Learn how this founder has managed to separate [...]

3 Key Reasons Why Medical Tourism is Growing at a Rapid Rate

Over the years, the health tourism industry has grown significantly. It has been growing by twenty five percent (25%) per year and valued at $439 billion. Furthermore, the growth rate of medical tourism globally is expected to increase even more over the next few years. Let’s look at reasons why medical tourism is expanding, and [...]

4 Reasons Why Facilitators Need Partnerships with Accredited Hospitals

If you’ve newly ventured into medical tourism and want to become a successful medical tourism facilitator (MTF), then you should know the significance of building good partnerships with healthcare centers. This is especially important if your main focus is to refer patients to different countries and ensure patient care coordination and arrangement.  Here are some [...]