Cyprus has been a prominent destination in the European medical tourism market, attracting patients from various neighboring and non-neighboring countries in search of high-quality healthcare services. The country’s strong commitment to the industry and its recognition for growth in the sector have positioned Cyprus as a notable player in the field.

Demographics of Cross-Border Patients Visiting Cyprus

Cyprus was among the first countries to enter the European medical tourism industry. The country’s great weather all year round makes it a wonderful place to visit for medical treatment and relaxation. Many patients from the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and the Middle East come here, mostly for dental and cosmetic procedures. But recently, more foreign patients are choosing Cyprus for fertility treatment, orthopedic, and musculoskeletal surgery.

Cyprus’ Commitment to Exceptional Medical Services

Cyprus has become a popular destination for medical tourists due to its modern private hospitals and clinics that have advanced technology. These facilities are staffed with highly qualified doctors and medical professionals, many of whom have received training in Europe or the USA. As a result, Cyprus offers a high standard of care, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of medical needs.

Government-Backed Growth in the Health Tourism Sector

Medical and wellness tourism is being recognized as a key area with great potential for growth, attracting attention from investors. The government sees this sector as a promising economic opportunity, especially with more European tourists looking for these services. The state recommends that new and existing resorts should think about including wellness centers as a core feature to make them more appealing. TourInvest, a branch of Cyprus’ agency for promoting investments, is taking the lead in showcasing these tourism and investment prospects on the island.

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