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MTB Welcomes New Certified Members | Professional Certification Course

By |

If you are in the process of starting a medical travel agency or becoming a healthcare tourism coordinator, there are key actions you must take to maximize your chances of success. At Medical Tourism Business, [...]

Congratulation To The New Certified Members On Passing The Online Medical Tourism Course

By |

On behalf of all the members and the management of Medical Tourism Business, we would like to congratulate Sahin Maurer, Charlotte Shumba, and Zakaria Harit on passing the Certified Medical Travel Agent online course. We [...]

How To Successfully Market A Medical Tourism Website That Attracts Patients

By |

With the increase of inexpensive flights coupled with skyrocketing healthcare costs, millions of medical travelers are catching flights to other countries for medical care each year. This is a great opportunity for medical tourism companies, [...]

4 Ways to Attract International Patients for Medical Tourism

By |

If you are operating a medical tourism business or a healthcare organization in the medical travel industry, there is a good chance, at some point, you've pondered the question "how to get patients for medical [...]

Congratulations To Our New Certified Medical Travel Agent Members

By |

Medical Tourism Business would like to congratulate our new Certified Medical Travel Agent members, Stan Touhlov and Tracy Griffith.  Both members took our medical tourism online course and passed the exam. These members have [...]

Covid-19: How Can International Clinics Keep Patients Safe?

By |

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the wellbeing and safety of individuals around the world. During this global turmoil, many people are fearful of going outside of their homes. However, there are some non-coronavirus medical conditions [...]

4 Ways Medical Tourism Certifications Make You More Successful

By |

Testimonial From A MTB Certified Member “As a nurse and avid global traveler, I found the content on the certification course extremely valuable, current and easy to follow. The material addressed the questions I had [...]

Marketing Strategies: How To Attract Patients For Medical Tourism

By |

If you want to succeed in any business, you must get your company in front of your target audience. And the healthcare travel industry is no different. The first thing you must do to attract [...]

4 Benefits of Listing Your Business on a Medical Tourism Directory

By |

Most business owners in the healthcare travel industry are familiar with medical tourism directories but aren’t exactly sure what the marketing benefits are when it comes to attracting new clients. Online medical tourism directories are [...]

Medical Tourism Agency In India: Starting And Operating A Medical Tourism Company In India

By |

MedTours Global describes themselves as dynamic, energetic, enterprising and a helpful medical travel agency. They help their clients get visas, find the best doctors at the best hospitals, and provide 24 hour a day assistance [...]

A Valuable Lesson From A German Medical Tourism Agency

By |

Germany is described as the “Hospital of Europe” by many people, because of its high quality of healthcare. The surge of medical tourists flocking to the country each year is a testament to this. Although [...]

Start A Dental Tourism Business In Turkey | Learn How To Partner With Dental Clinics

By |

Starting A Dental Tourism Business  Dental tourism is one of the most sought-after forms of medical travel, and Turkey is rising in popularity as a destination for dental tourism. This trend is a great opportunity [...]

Medical Tourism Facilitator Founder, Shares Her Best Advice (Interview)

By |

Remedē Health is a premier provider of global medical, health & beauty services and solutions. This American based organization does more than just provide resources for their international patients. They create and develop unique concierge [...]

3 Key Reasons Why Medical Tourism is Growing at a Rapid Rate

By |

Over the years, the health tourism industry has grown significantly. It has been growing by twenty five percent (25%) per year and valued at $439 billion. Furthermore, the growth rate of medical tourism globally is [...]

4 Reasons Why Facilitators Need Partnerships with Accredited Hospitals

By |

If you’ve newly ventured into medical tourism and want to become a successful medical tourism facilitator (MTF), then you should know the significance of building good partnerships with healthcare centers. This is especially important if [...]

Digital Marketing! A Problem Facing Medical Tourism Start-Ups & How To Fix it

By |

The impressive growth rate in medical tourism across the globe has not only made more patients interested in traveling overseas for treatments but many aspiring entrepreneurs are now seeking medical tourism as their main business [...]

4 Steps To Starting A Successful Medical Tourism Business

By |

Medical tourism, health tourism, and medical travel are terms with the same meaning, and they refer to the process of traveling across borders to obtain medical care. In other words, it means leaving your nation, [...]

3 DO’s And DON’T’s For Your Startup Medical Tourism Agency

By |

The medical tourism industry is a competitive and complex one; there are many aspects to think about and many angles to look at it from to make sure things run smoothly, and any one small [...]

Avoid These 6 Mistakes As A Medical Tourism Facilitator

By |

Starting a new business in any industry can be a difficult task; after all, Bloomberg reports that 8 out of 10 startups don't survive beyond the first 18 months. The medical tourism industry is no [...]

3 Simple Tips For Building A Successful Medical Tourism Agency

By |

The medical tourism industry provides one of the most lucrative business opportunities to budding entrepreneurs and travel agents in today’s world. These few tips will help you ensure your medical tourism company is successful and [...]


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