Only Pay for Qualified Patient Lead

Start with Any Budget

At Medical Tourism Business, we understand that every organization in medical tourism has different goals and lead generation needs. And this is exactly why we provide you with an option to pay for individual leads. Here are some of the highlights of opting into our Pay Per Patient Lead program:

  • Benefit from Qualified Leads

  • You Only Pay for Leads That Are Ready to Travel for Treatment

  • Increase Your Clientele

  • Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate

  • Access Serious Patient Inquiries

  • Increase Your ROI

We provide you with detailed information about patients who are both interested and ready to travel for medical tourism procedures; providing you an amazing opportunity to rapidly grow your business by converting them into actual customers. Here is a look at the information that our leads provide you with:

  • First and Last Name

  • Desired Procedure

  • Email Address

  • Telephone Number

  • Country of Origin

  • Patients Desired Date of Travel

  • Desired Date of Surgery

  • Desired Destination

  • Premium Leads Include Additional Information Like the Date of Birth and Gender.

With this information, you can easily connect and convert inquiries into customers. Since we provide you with consumer inquiries when their interest is at its highest, you can be confident that your investment in our service is safe and will generate high returns!

You Only Pay for Leads That Are Ready to Travel for Treatment

With us, there is nothing to lose! Once you decide the amount of patient leads you want us to send to you, we will forward our patient inquiries directly to your email account. Your company will remain in our system and continue to receive our consumer leads until we deliver your desired number of leads.

Benefit from Qualified Leads

We save you time and money by providing you with detailed and quality information about patients who want to travel for healthcare treatment. This includes information like their desired destination, budget, and concerns regarding traveling for healthcare. This information serves as a winning edge for your business as you can then create your telephone calls or emails to the exact needs of the patient, ensuring that inquiries convert into customers.

Join our Annual Membership

Looking for a long-term solution to grow your business continuously throughout the year? Our annual membership is a different program from our Pay Per Patient Lead program. While the patient lead program solely focuses on one individual aspect of medical tourism, our membership focuses on growing your organization from every aspect possible in the medical tourism industry, including, but not limited to patient leads.

Our annual membership offers constant consumer inquiries throughout the entire year, along with medical tourism industry resources like no other!

Here are some of the many membership benefits you can enjoy as a member:

  • Patient Leads

  • Medical Tourism Certification

  • Contracts and Legal Agreements

  • Business Plans

  • Receive an Exclusive Listing on the Make Medical Trip Directory (

  • List Your Contact Information, Corporate Profile & Logo on the Medical Tourism Business Directory (

  • Receive a 20% Discount on Web Design and Google Ranking Services

  • Visibility & Brand Affiliation

  • 1-Year Membership Benefits

If you are interested in getting more international patients or looking for patient leads, you can email us at or on WhatsApp at +1 561-909-7178.


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