Dental tourism is considered a part of medical tourism and is generally defined as individuals obtaining dental care outside their home country instead of their local endodontist. Dental tourism is especially popular with Americans and Europeans. Aside from the cheaper rates they enjoy by traveling to other countries, people want a pleasant vacation and excellent amenities. Many famous medical tourism destinations are known for their top-notch dental clinics and their well-experienced doctors.

As a dental tourism facilitator, you will need to research and learn about each institution’s background and accreditations before coordinating medical trips to their clinic. This will ensure the safety and wellbeing of your clients.

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Dental tourists visit different destinations for a variety of reasons, but cost savings is the primary driver. People from high-income countries usually find it very convenient and worthwhile to get dental treatment in developing countries. They get to access globally competitive dental care services and enjoy new sights and cultures during their recovery period. Countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, and Colombia offer top-quality services at a fraction of the cost in the United States.

The Price of Oral Care Worldwide

Implants with a crown can cost around $2000 to $5000 in the United States and only about $950 in Mexico, Poland, and Hungary. Veneers cost around $1000 in the United States and only $350 in India, Poland, and Mexico. In the United States, a root canal costs around $700 to $1200 and only $150 to $250 in Mexico and Hungary. Crowns cost around $750 to $1000 in the States and only $280 in Mexico and India. Bonding will cost you around $300 in America and only $60 in developing countries.

Why the US Pays More Than Other Nations for Dental and Healthcare

In the US, labor costs are higher for doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals than in other parts of the world. On the contrary, the cost of materials in other countries like India, the Philippines, and Thailand is significantly cheaper, without any compromise in price.

Dental Tourism in European Countries

It’s well-known that private dental care in places like the United Kingdom can be very costly. By traveling for dental work, Europeans can obtain low-cost, high-quality treatment. Countries such as Thailand, Hungary, Malaysia, India, and Turkey are famous dental tourism destinations, offering some of the most affordable dental procedures.

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