Did you know that patients can enjoy massive savings on dental work in countries like Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Turkey, Hungary, and other medical tourism hotspots? 50 to 80 percent savings are standard in destinations like these, along with excellent facilities.

Some countries are known for their low-cost dentistry and beautiful landscapes. These factors make going abroad for a dental treatment more of a vacation because the patient can have the procedure and tour the country afterward, saving money compared to what they would be spending in their home country.

A wide variety of treatments can be accessed abroad, from implants to even high-end veneers; this is called “dental tourism.” Not only do top dental tourism destinations around the world charge much less at their high-end dental clinics, but they also have some of the highest success rates.

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The average American citizen without dental insurance will most likely not be able to afford a complex. Those without dental coverage in the United States exceed 75 million people, so they have to fight tooth and nail (excuse the pun) to afford procedures like implants and root canals; this is one of the main reasons dental tourism is so appealing.

Here are a few reasons why dental tourism is so popular among traveling patients around the world:


One of the leading reasons people prefer to seek dental treatment abroad is that it saves a lot of money, even if they add traveling and accommodation costs. US patients can expect to reduce their dental costs by at least 50% or more. In some rare cases, such as restorative dentistry, patients can save over 80%.

If a patient wants a dental implant in the United States, they will have to pay around $3,900 to cover the costs. But at a clinic in Mexico, it will cost them about $750. Similarly, an implant procedure in the UK will cost around GBP 2,500 but only GBP 380 at a Serbian clinic.

An implant with a crown can cost $2000 to $5000 in the United States and only around $950 in Mexico, Poland, and Hungary. A veneer costs about $1000 in the United States and only $350 in India, Poland, and Mexico. In the US, a root canal costs around $700 to $1200 and only $150 to $250 in Mexico and Hungary. Crowns cost around $750 to $1000 in the US and only $280 in Mexico and India. Dental bonding costs $300 to $600 per tooth in America and only $60 in developing countries. 

More Options

Many patients in the US postpone going to the orthodontist because of the high cost, which usually hurts their teeth and budget even more in the long run.

Patients have more treatment options to choose from abroad than at home. Since the cost of care is lower outside of America, people will likely pick the best operation for their situation versus selecting the cheapest option available.

Better Equipment

Many lower-to middle-income countries have invested heavily in their medical infrastructure to attract the maximum medical and dental tourists, resulting in better medical equipment and facilities surpassing several in Europe and America.

Some countries are very proud of their dental education, and dentistry is considered the best profession. The machinery is state-of-the-art, and operating procedures are low priced. What more could dental tourists ask for?

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Efficient Treatment

Dentists catering to international patients are willing to demonstrate that they are as reliable and qualified as those in the western world. Thus, patients end up getting better dental care from them.

Clinics in Tourist Resorts

There is a vacation twist and appeal to dental tourism. In the US, a patient may grab an ice cream after a procedure. In countries like Costa Rica, which offers some of the best dental care, patients can enjoy the beaches while saving big on dental costs.

In Mexico, for example, there are resort towns like Puerto Vallarta that make an ideal choice for a dental vacation. Clinics in that area claim that 80% of their patients are international, primarily coming from Canada and the United States.

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