Hi guys,

Gilliam Elliott here with another medical tourism educational video. This one will be a response to an email that someone sent me regarding launching a medical tourism agency. 

Hopefully, this will help you if you have a similar question or are in the beginning phase of starting a medical travel company.

The email starts, “Hello Gilliam, I’m looking to start a medical tourism business concentrating on Ukraine and Eastern Europe. I would like advice on how to begin with no experience in this field. I am an engineer here in Washington DC but lived in Ukraine for years.”

The basis of his question is that he wants to become a medical tourism facilitator, but he has no prior experience in this field. He understands that there are things that he might not know and wants some feedback, so I will go over some basic things he needs to do to get his startup up and running.

Medical Tourism Education

I always say that medical tourism education is the best foundation to start a business. You need to find out the “best practices” of the industry, find out what it takes to coordinate international medical trips, and what it takes to ensure your clients have the best experience. So, I would suggest taking a medical tourism certification before launching your company.

Our Certified Medical Travel Agent Course program is designed specifically for startups and individuals new to global healthcare.

Get certified in medical tourism

Medical Tourism Business Plan

The next step is he needs to start working on his business plan and outline for his company. What type of customers or demographics will he target through his marketing campaigns?

There are some essential tools that every medical tourism facilitator needs to have in place to operate a successful and safe medical tourism organization. When I say safe, I mean risk mitigation tools like contractual agreements between the patient and the facilitator, contractual arrangements between the health care provider and the facilitator, and so on. You’ll need to have solid medical tourism contracts in place before you coordinate any trips for patients.

Startup Tools and Resources

There is a wide range of tools that he will need to launch this company and partner with healthcare providers. For instance, he’s going to need a presence online, business social media accounts, a logo, a domain name, and a website that is appropriately designed to convert website visitors into actual customers. After the website is built, he will need to market the site and get in front of his target audience.

Health Tourism Online Course

I would say complete an online certification course in medical tourism before starting the company, especially if you have no experience in global healthcare. Earning a certification and accreditation in health and medical tourism outlines how to market to traveling patients, how to set up a medical tourism agency that thrives and works with patients worldwide, and how to provide the best service possible.

Get certified in medical tourism

After taking a professional medical tourism certification, he will understand industry trends and statistics and how to operate a startup during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The most important thing when you’re thinking about starting a company is just getting started. Take the first steps to build the business that you envision.

If you’re in the process of launching a company, or you already operate a medical tourism company, and you need more resources, reach out to us. Our organization provides every tool, document, and resource that you’ll need to expand and grow your medical tourism startup.

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