If you are pondering, “How do I start a medical tourism business?” Here are some fundamental things you need to think about:

To start a thriving medical tourism agency, you will need to partner with high-quality healthcare providers. To do this, you will need to reach out to certified and accredited hospitals and establish a relationship. JCI (Joint Commission International) is one of the most recognized accreditations for international hospitals. Make sure the hospitals you partner with have received the JCI accreditation or similar accreditation.

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Healthcare Travel Estimates

As a medical tourism agent, you must provide prospects with a cost estimate. When it comes to cost, most prospects will usually be thrilled about the amount they can save on healthcare by going abroad for medical treatment. So, let them know how much they can save once you’ve spoken to your overseas healthcare partners. Make sure to provide them quick quotes and get them excited about the medical tourism trip.

Attracting International Patients

To get a high volume of international patients, you’ll need to utilize digital marketing in medical tourism. Attracting medical tourism clients, amongst other things, is something you should think about while creating the blueprint for your startup company. Medical travelers love to save money. So, letting them know how much they can save by using healthcare travel is essential.

Patient Waivers and Medical Tourism Agreements

As a medical tourism startup, you must be equipped with solid patient waivers and medical tourism agreements that you must present to your prospective clients. Your contracts should spell out the benefits and risks associated with traveling for medical care. You must always inform them that there are risks involved, and you will do this through the paperwork that you will have them sign.

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Healthcare Provider Experience

Regarding the doctor’s experience, before partnering with a hospital, surgeon, dentist, or clinic, it is imperative that you research their credentials, certifications, skills, their success rate in the particular medical procedure that you’ll be referring them clients, years of experience, and how often they perform this specific medical operation. After you’ve done your research and the doctor meets your standards, and you feel confident in sending them patients, now it’s time to promote their services and communicate their achievements to your prospective medical tourism clients.

As a medical tourism professional, it’s vital to educate your prospective clients on every aspect of the medical journey.

Hotel and Lodging

Another important thing to be aware of when arranging a medical trip for a client is the hotel distance. As a facilitator, you are not only responsible for connecting the patient with a credible healthcare provider; you are also responsible for the organization of activities. Ensure the hotel is near the healthcare facility – This will prove vital if a medical emergency takes place.

get certified in medical tourism

Destination Safety and Due Diligence

How safe is the city? How safe is the neighborhood? How safe is the hotel? The last thing your patient wants to deal with is anxiety before and during the recovery process. So, do your research to avoid unnecessary issues.

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