Marketing Strategies in Healthcare Tourism

Google Advertising is a fantastic tool for business owners everywhere. These online Ads are a great way to generate fast patient leads for your medical tourism organization. However, Google Ads only works when used efficiently. This article shows you how to optimize your healthcare tourism marketing campaign to attract more international patients.

Implement these medical tourism marketing strategies and you’ll see a consistent influx in website traffic.

Identify keywords your clients are searching for online

When using Pay-Per-Click Ads, you want to make the most of every potential Google search. And so, the first thing you’ll want to do when starting an Ad campaign is identify keywords and phrases that your target audience is searching for when they’re looking for a service like yours. This will help you understand what benefits they want when searching for a medical tourism agency online.

Once you’ve identified the key phrases your potential clients use, make sure you incorporate them in your Ad text and make the Ad target users searching those same terms. That way, your Ad will be among the first to come up when they type in these key phrases in the search engine.

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Set up your target location

If you want to target a few destinations, you can do that. If you want to target only one destination, that’s also an option. If you target a specific location, anybody in that destination will see your Ad when they type in certain keywords and phrases on Google. This increases the likelihood of your target audience clicking on your Ad.

When potential clients search for a key phrase on Google, the Google Ad will appear at the top, with “Ad” written right next to it. The Ad will get more traffic because it’ll be at the top of the search engine.

Pay attention to written content

The most important feature of your campaign is what you write on your Ads, and what you’re promoting. To get the most traffic on your website, make sure you write compelling content that makes patients want to click on these Ads.

Know what will appeal to different clients. For example, if you’re targeting US patients, promoting affordable healthcare will be attractive because that’s what US patients expect from medical tourism. So, you want to put key phrases like “affordable healthcare abroad” in your campaign to make those patients click on your Google Ad.

Send patients to a landing page instead of your main website

Once you’ve posted the Ad, and someone is interested enough to click on it. Now, where do they go? Typically, when we create Google Ads for our clients, we send patients to a landing page because it has the highest conversion rate.

When you send a customer to a general website, they often end up clicking on different pages that aren’t relevant to their initial interest. But when you send them to a specific landing page that only talks about what your campaign Ad was about, they won’t lose interest. This will ensure that the Ad directly correlates to the landing page.

If you promote a Google Ad and your landing page or website does not specifically address the topic you advertised, people will only spend a brief second on your site and leave unsatisfied. That means you won’t benefit from your Google campaign. So, you must make sure that the Ad reflects exactly what’s on your landing page.

Your landing page should have a call-to-action that compels prospective clients to give you their information, so you can help them or coordinate a trip for them. A clear call-to-action on a landing page will undoubtedly result in the highest conversion rate.

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How to construct the landing page

When we do Google Ads for our clients, we make the landing page similar to their website. We put the company logo, telephone number, and make the color the same as the main website. Essentially, we make the landing page in their website and brand likeness. This way, a prospective client will be familiar with the brand, and your main website will have the same look and feel when they visit it.

As mentioned earlier, calls-to-action will make your potential clients react once they go on your website. They’ll make them want to respond, learn more, and reach out to you directly. Examples include, “Get a FREE quote today”, “Call us TODAY!” or “Compare the price of healthcare treatment in our country and save THIS percent.”

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