Creating a website may not seem difficult; however, making an interactive website that generates consistent patient leads is the hard part. The fact of the matter is that anyone can throw a website online, but if patients don’t contact you, you have done yourself and your business a disservice.

Here is a list of some of the most important features your medical travel website should have. These essentials will help you generate more patient leads through your online platforms.

1.) Build a website

Believe it or not, some medical tourism facilitators have attempted to run their business solely through social media to avoid investing in a website. Unfortunately, for facilitators who try this, most patients do their research by searching for the company online. And if they can’t find your website online, they’ll doubt the validity of your business.

Traveling patients prefer to work with agents they consider trustworthy, and they can only prove that through your online brand presence – which should include a website.

2.) Make sure your website has multiple interactive features

Placing multiple interactive features on your website makes the site more engaging and enjoyable for users. A chat functionality that greets visitors when they land on the website is a great feature to have. It’s a great way to get interaction from your website visitors as they’re looking at different benefits and services that you provide.

After talking to your patients through the chat feature, you can get their contact details so you can communicate with them further. You can also add a WhatsApp feature on your website to give your visitors multiple ways of contacting you.

Yes! I need a website built

3.) Make it easy for patients to contact you

Your email address and contact number need to be at the top of your website so that visitors can easily see them. You also need a contact form on each page of your website. The form should ask for basic information. If it’s too long, patients will be less likely to contact you.

The form should require the patient’s telephone number, email address, first name, desired procedure, and country of residence. You can get the rest of their information once you contact the patient about their trip. The goal is to get more people to fill out the contact form.

4.) Add an exit popup

Popups, in general, have a negative connotation. Some people even find them annoying, but exit popups are unique. They’re activated when the user is about to exit your website, so they don’t interrupt their experience.

Exit popups allow visitors to enjoy every aspect of your website, but once they’re ready to leave, they’ll get a chance to get something of value, and you’ll get a final chance to get their contact information. You need to offer prospective clients something of value for an exit popup to succeed.

Yes! I need a website built

You could offer them an eBook about a specific procedure or something else of value. You also don’t want to ask for too much information on your exit popup. You’ll need a short form that asks for their name and email address.

5.) Make your website user-friendly

Your website will look different depending on the device a person uses to access it. So, you need to ensure that it looks professional on each of these devices. The mobile version of your site needs to look just as professional as the desktop view on your site. 

6.) Add a language translation button

If you’re going to be dealing with patients from around the world, you need to make sure that they can view your website content in their native language. A language translation button provides this.

The language translation button needs to be at the top of your website so that it’s easily accessible. Having a website that can be translated into multiple languages allows visitors to understand what services you provide comfortably.

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