Hi guys, Gilliam Elliott here with another educational video about medical tourism. Today I want to do a quick email response video. I’m going to do these more often; hopefully, some of these videos can answer some questions that you may have.

Get certified in medical tourism

Medical Tourism License

The email reads, “Hi Gill, I’m new to medical tourism, so I’m collecting as much information as possible. I was reading your page about starting up a medical tourism business, and I was hoping you could help me with my question and offer any short courses about medical tourism. My question is if I need a specific medical tourism license or permit to provide medical services to US citizens/people from a company based in the Middle East sending their patients to Turkey and India.”

Gilliam Elliott’s response: First and foremost, she will have to register the business entity, whether she wants to register it as an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation), a sole proprietorship, or a partnership. It depends on how she wants to structure her business; that will depend on how she sets it up and how she registers it.

No matter where you are located, your company will need to be registered as one of the entities I mentioned: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, LLC, etc. You’re going to have to do that at the start, but if you’re in the Middle East or the MENA region, you’ll need a business license outside of just registering the company with the government.

Certification and Accreditation in Health and Medical Tourism

Before you go and file for your business license in the Middle East or any other country, I would encourage you to complete our Certification and Accreditation in Health and Medical Tourism. Take this course first to understand the “best practices ” in healthcare travel and how to start and launch a medical travel agency. Nevertheless, you only need to register your business entity in most countries. In this case, you still want to become a certified medical travel professional and get training. The importance of getting professional training and mentorship can’t be overstated because every health tourism facilitator needs to thoroughly understand how to run the most effective healthcare travel agency possible. You want to go into it systematically and understand the necessary steps to be a successful medical tourism agent. You want to give yourself the best chance of succeeding in this industry instead of throwing it against the wall to see if it sticks.

Get certified in medical tourism

When you get to the point where you want to work with credible hospitals, doctors, and clinics around the world, they’re also going to want to see that you know what you’re doing and that you’re not just a random person starting a company and trying to make a quick buck. They’re going to want to see that you’ve achieved something and that you have something showing that you know your craft, and the easiest way to exhibit this is by earning a certificate in medical and wellness tourism.

 If you have a question about global healthcare, send me an email at Gill@MedicalTourismBusiness.com