Most business owners in the healthcare travel industry are familiar with medical tourism directories but aren’t exactly sure what the marketing benefits are when it comes to attracting new clients. Online medical tourism directories are no longer a “good to have”; Today international patients seek out organizations who exhibit trust and credibility and for that reason, directories have become a favorite place for patients to research hospitals, clinics and medical tourism agencies.

Not only are directories great for attracting new patients to your website, but they also create a positive first impression for patients. So, if you’re wondering how to get patients for medical tourism, a great place to start is listing your business on the right industry directory. Here are some reasons why directory listings are so valuable:

Help Potential Customers Find Your Company

Prospects need a way to find your company without having to know its name. Getting listed on a directory allows potential clients to learn about your organization during their search for medical tourism services, that you provide.

Strengthen Your Online Presence

When a patient does a search on an online medical tourism directory, such as our directories on Medical Tourism Business and Make Medical Trip, they will show a list of relevant organizations, each with a brief description so that the prospect can choose which one to click on to learn more about. This means that even if a prospective customer doesn’t click on your listing, they still see your company. Every contact a prospect has with your company boosts their awareness and familiarity with your company, which will make them more prone to work with you in the future.  

List Your Company’s Contact Information

The more convenient it is for prospects to connect with your business, the more likely they are to do so. Whether it’s sending you an email, calling your business, or even finding out your location. If you make it easy for them to contact you, they will reward you for it. Medical tourism directories make up a network by which prospects can connect directly with your company or effortlessly get to your website to do so.

Increase Your Website Traffic

The right medical tourism directory will give your business greater exposure to prospects in countries and regions that you might have found difficult to target in the past. Not only do online directories help your website get more website traffic, it guarantees that you are attracting high value prospects.

All MTB members are entitled to a corporate profile on both of our medical tourism directories. If you are interested in joining our membership program and listing your company on our directories, please contact us today!

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