MedTours Global describes themselves as dynamic, energetic, enterprising and a helpful medical travel agency. They help their clients get visas, find the best doctors at the best hospitals, and provide 24 hour a day assistance while they are on their medical trip.

They also have the ability to arrange holistic, alternative therapies, and other wellness tourism activities that India is famous for. Post-treatment, wellness therapies help to heal mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, which allows traveling patients to go back to their home country physically healed and inwardly rejuvenated.

Gilliam Elliott’s Interview with Gaurav Pant

Country: India

Company Name: MedTours Global

Business Type: Medical Tourism Facilitator

Business Model: Inbound Medical Tourism

How is the quality of care and cost of medical treatment in India?

Answer: India is now considered as one of the best destinations for different medical treatments at affordable prices. Several factors prove that medical services in India in comparison to other countries are satisfactory to international patients, in terms of travelling and financing. Depending on the medical condition of the patient, MedTours Global provides them the best cost for the treatment.

What about medical tourists who are concerned about finding nice hotels and entertainment while they recover. Do you help with this?

Answer: MedTours Global takes genuine care of the patient because aftercare is a big factor to be considered for them. MedTours Global, helps them with their accommodations and stay management facility and post recovery process.

What is the visa process like in India?

Answer: India has a very liberal visa policy when it comes to medical travelers. It usually takes 24-48 hours for the embassy to approve and grant the visa which can fluctuate from country to country.

How do you assist medical travelers with their accommodation?

Answer: MedTours Global has partnerships with world renown hotel chains as well as all types of rooms. We can completely customize the stay arrangement as per the choice, budget, length of stay, and distance of hospital for the patients. We also have rooms for patients with limited mobility, depending on their medical condition.

What are the most common procedures people seek when they travel to India?

Answer: India is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to medical travel. India is known for its high-quality medical treatments, doctors who are renowned globally, and facilities that offer extremely competitive prices, when compared to other countries. The Indian medical system is highly capable of treating all types of medical conditions, whether it is general surgery like orthopedic procedures, or specialized transplants including heart, lungs, bone marrow, liver, uterus etc.

Do you communicate with patients during the medical trip? If so, what are some common things you discuss with them while they are on their trip?

Answer: When the patient’s medical trip is planned then MedTours Global is constantly in touch with them from the start of their journey, until they fly. While being in constant communication with the patient, MedTours Global asks them about their medical condition, layovers, and questions about their travel.

What countries seek treatment in India the most?

Answer: MedTours Global receives patients from different parts of the world. People from the USA, the UK, and Canada travel to India, mostly for Bariatric surgery, and other cosmetic procedures. Patients from Africa travel to India for Sickle Cell Anaemia which is treated by Bone Marrow Transplant, Orthopedic surgeries, Cardiac procedures etc. People from Russia travel to India, especially for cosmetic procedures like Butt lift, Facelift, and Rhinoplasty. People from Europe travel to India for dental treatments. People from Arab countries travel to India for liver transplants and cancer treatment.

What are some medical tourism trends that you are noticing in India?

Answer: The following bullet points are some changes in the process rather than trends that are taking place when it comes to interacting with a medical traveler:

  • A lot of traffic is now moving very rapidly towards digital mode for acquisition even in most of the underdeveloped countries.
  • Insurance is one sector that has started acknowledging medical tourism and transactions are being done more liberally between international service providers and insurers.
  • Use of mobile applications for first consultation / telemedicine is picking up very fast.
  • Because of higher and increasing flow of medical travelers, cost of artificial implants is coming down drastically thus making it affordable and readily available.
  • Special flying squads of doctors are being formed to travel to the patient’s destination for highly specialized surgery and operate at the home location of the patient. Something that wasn’t available earlier.
  • Cosmetic surgeries are getting higher acceptance at a very fast pace and are being looked at as a one stop solution for enhancing beauty, by the masses, especially in developed countries.
  • Usage of laser procedures & robots during surgeries, especially in the cases of artificial implants and limb surgeries, is increasing. This enables minimally invasive surgeries and is more efficient.

How do you deal with language barriers or patients who speak a different language then the healthcare provider?

Answer: MedTours Global has employed different interpreters who can speak Arabic, Russian and Bengali, etc. so the patients will not face any language problems.

Before we conclude the interview, is there anything else that you want people to know about your company?

Answer: MedTours Global is starting to focus on wellness tourism which provides the patient different types of therapies, treatments that don’t include surgery, which includes things like physiotherapy, Yoga, etc.

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