The Dominican Republic’s medical tourism market is constantly increasing, generating 265 million US dollars in revenue in 2018 and emerging as the second leading destination for medical tourism in Latin America in 2020. 

The tropical climate, attractive tourism infrastructures, and short flight time from other nations draw many tourists to the Dominican Republic.

Medical treatments in the Dominican Republic are cheaper than in other places in the region, which explains why many international patients travel to the Dominican Republic for treatments. For example, medical tourism statistics in the Dominican Republic reveal the Turks and Caicos Islands paid $7 million for medical procedures in Dominican Republic health centers in 2021. 

Trends in the Dominican Republic Medical Tourism Sector 

Currently, the Dominican Republic is looking to broaden its market size. Decree 787-21 of President Luis Abinader demands that the Ministries of Public Health and Tourism should enhance their strategies for growth. 

Plastic Surgery Tourism in the Dominican Republic 

The plastic surgery market in the Dominican Republic has experienced high patronage from international patients worldwide. According to the Guardian, more than 23,000 plastic surgeries were performed in the Dominican Republic in 2018, and 18,000 were foreigners. 

Attracting American Patients to the Dominican Republic

New York is known to take a fair share of the percentage of medical tourists who visit the Dominican Republic for cosmetic surgery.

The reason for the influx of international patients in the cosmetic surgery market in the Dominican Republic is apparent; treatment is cheaper. For example, the estimated cost of liposuction in the US is $5,500, while the average cost of liposuction in the Dominican Republic is $3,500

The Challenge

Although the lower treatment costs attract people to the Dominican Republic for plastic surgery and other procedures, the nation has faced challenges due to bad press in recent years concerning surgical errors and medical malpractice. This has given pause to some medical travelers who worry about undesirable surgical outcomes or substandard procedures. 

To combat this challenge, medical tourism organizations need to acquire professional medical travel certifications. They also need to show prospects that a third party has verified them and that they are credible and will ensure patient safety. Lastly, they should consider the reputation of the third party conducting verifications. Adopting these practices will enhance medical tourists’ confidence in the Dominican Republic, attracting more international patients and growing the market size. 

Final Thoughts

The Dominican Republic health tourism market is continuously evolving, and it’s critical to keep up with the trends to thrive. This is why we provide medical tourism facilitators, clinics, and hospitals with the support they need to stay ahead in this ever-changing market. We keep you updated with trends in the industry and provide training and advertising services for credibility and visibility. We can also connect you with thousands of medical tourists through target marketing. 

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