As an emerging medical tourism destination, Albania has proven to be a rising star. Albania’s health tourism statistics reflect the country’s continued growth of inbound medical and dental tourism. In 2019, medical tourism in Albania grew by approximately 8.1% compared to 2018. According to a report done by the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT).

A Medical Tourism Profile of Albania

Albania has gradually become a preferred destination for a niche sector of traveling patients and plans on competing with some of the top European countries in the future. Research shows that medical tourism in Albania has increased due to cutting-edge medical advancements and affordable medical costs. This has led to an increase in the medical tourism profile of Albania. Some common treatments patients travel to the nation for include; cosmetic surgery, weight loss procedures, and in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Dental Tourism Statistics in Albania

Dental tourism in Albania is thriving. A study on the impact of medical tourism on Albania revealed that 50% of dental tourists that traveled to the countries selected Albania because of its low price, and 24% preferred treatment in the nation because of its excellent service. As you can see, the statistics show that affordability and quality service are critical to increasing dental tourism in Albania. The reasonably priced surgeries and other health procedures have helped attract foreigners near and far who seek high-quality treatments combined with the country’s rich history and culture.

What Countries Does Albania Attract Medical and Dental Tourists From?

Albania is seeing an influx of interest throughout Europe for its health tourism services. As word of mouth spreads, more and more foreigners flock to the nation annually. Citizens from Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany,  Greece, and Switzerland travel to Albania for medical, wellness, and dentistry care each year.   

Final Thoughts

Albania is consistently gaining momentum for inbound medical and dental tourism. At Medical Tourism Business, we can help you build and expand your brand. Our programs and memberships can help you get the marketing, certifications, and resources necessary to grow your organization.

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