Medical tourism in Australia is back after almost two years of lockdowns. With the government finally easing restrictions on travel, many Aussies are packing their bags to find affordable medical and dental care in other countries.

A Profile of Medical Tourism in Australia

In Australia, medical tourism statistics show that tens of thousands of people leave the country each year for treatment abroad.

A profile of medical tourism in Australia revealed that natives are interested in traveling abroad for major surgeries to everything in between. Before the lockdowns, Australians spent an estimated $300 million on cosmetic surgery tourism alone.

While there is some inbound medical tourism, most of it is outbound. However, the patients that come into Australia are primarily from New Zealand.

COVID-19 Restrictions and Lockdowns in Australia

As one of the leading outbound medical tourism destinations, Australians can now leave the country since the borders are open.

Many Australians were stuck at home for 18 months despite over 80% of the adults in the country being vaccinated, and traveling to obtain medical care abroad wasn’t an acceptable reason to travel, so many had to postpone treatments. At the moment, as long as people are vaccinated, they can go to other nations.  

Many are Flocking to Thailand and Other Asian Countries for Healthcare

Thousands of Australians flock to Asian countries annually because of the reduced cost of healthcare. A popular destination for medical tourists in Australia is Thailand. Around 60% of them are there for cosmetic surgery and elective procedures, and a significant minority also go for major cardiothoracic and orthopedic procedures.

Australians Traveling for Dental tourism

Outbound dental tourism is booming, and Australian dental tourism statistics show that many people are looking for alternatives. This is mainly due to the country’s high cost of dental care.

Many dental tourists are going to other nations because getting dental care abroad costs a fraction of what it costs in Australia.

Australians can save up to 75% compared to the dental prices in their country. Most Australian dental tourists choose to get treatment in South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, India, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Final Thoughts   

Australia is a thriving place for outbound medical tourism, and plenty of people are looking for ways to get cheaper dental and medical procedures abroad. At Medical Tourism Business, we can help you build and expand your brand. Our insight on industry best practices, trends, and knowledge of medical travel can help you get the marketing, certifications, and contracts necessary to grow.