Remedē Health is a premier provider of global medical, health & beauty services and solutions. This American based organization does more than just provide resources for their international patients. They create and develop unique concierge packages that deliver value that best meets their medical tourism client’s needs. Learn how this founder has managed to separate her startup medical tourism agency from the crowd.

Interviewees Name: Andrea Greene

Company Name: Remedē Health

Country Business is Located: United States of America

Business Type: Medical Tourism Facilitator

Gilliam Elliott’s Interview with Andrea Greene

Can you tell us how you got involved in medical tourism and what motivated you to start Remede Health?

I got involved in medical tourism because I saw a gap in our healthcare system where people were/are not able to afford or find procedures. I worked in American hospitals and saw firsthand that sick people could not afford treatments because they either did not have medical health insurance coverage or the money to be able to pay for treatments that they needed to get better. 

Are there certain countries or medical procedures that your company specialize in?

Presently, we are focusing on South East Asia, in particular, Thailand. We are opening relations in Singapore, India, and Malaysia. We don’t want to expand too rapidly and our primary purpose is to help our clients. The cosmetic/plastic surgery sector is where we are focusing on now. Also dental tourism. Later, we will be looking more into regenerative medicine.

Some people think because the cost of healthcare is more affordable in other countries it must mean that the standard of care is lower, is this a myth or fact based?

This is a myth. Some of the best world-class hospitals and clinics are in other countries, such as mentioned before: Thailand, India, Singapore, etc. The ratio between medical staff to patient is also better (depending on the hospital).

How do you make sure the patients have the best experience on their medical trip?

How to start a medical tourism facilitator business

We make sure our clients are completely informed of the entire process. We can guide them along their journey as it unfolds. We also reassure them that we only deal with medical facilities that are accredited.

Why do you believe medical travelers should use a facilitator instead of coordinating their own trip?

Answer: When traveling anywhere away from “one’s” home for a medical procedure, it is imperative to either fully research the facility, the doctor/specialist, etc. or hire a facilitator. Facilitators know the industry very well and have experience when it comes to vetting clinics, medical visas and so on.

How do clients go about purchasing your medical tourism package? What’s the process?

Full payment will be paid before the trip. If our client chooses to have additional services whilst on their journey they have options to upgrade during their trip.

What are some common misconceptions about traveling for healthcare?

Unfortunately, the media has a tendency to portray medical tourism as a dangerous option. People are led to believe that they will not be safe in other countries for their operations or treatments. People are led to believe that the standards are lower because it is cheaper when this is simply not the case. There is still a lot of fear-based around health travel, but this is changing for the better.

What new trends are you seeing in healthcare travel today?

We are finding that a lot of Millennials are traveling for simple cosmetic procedures. They want to go away, remain discreet and come back better than when they left. Telemedicine is also on the rise making it very easy to build relations with doctors before our client leaves their country.

What are the top reasons you see patients traveling for medical procedures?

As we are focusing on cosmetic/plastic and dental procedures, we find that most people want to tweak themselves to be beautiful in their eyes. Sometimes a simple non-surgical nose job can change a person’s whole life. It will build their self-confidence and allow them to be the person they have always imagined themselves to be.

What do you look for when choosing a provider to add to your network?

We only work with organizations that are accredited by Joint Commission International and/or International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and/or The Care Quality Commission (CQC). We pay attention to the scale of previous patients that have visited these clinics.

We look at morbidity rates and where the surgeons have been educated and certified. We have personally visited many clinics in Thailand and look forward to visiting more in the future. Another way is a virtual consultation. 

How can medical tourists overcome the language barrier with caregivers in other countries?

Either the clinic will provide translation for them via means of AI or an onsite translator will be available.

What is your long-term plan for Remede Health?

Our long-term goal is to be a world-renown medical resource platform for people from all countries to visit to obtain direction in finding valuable, affordable health care packages and procedures no matter the circumstance.

Before we conclude the interview, is there anything else that you want people to know about your company?

Remedehealth is a company for the people. We strive to remain transparent and to be of service to those who need us most. We want nothing other than to make their medical journey as simple and clear as possible because they have greater things pressing upon their mind rather than logistics, language barriers, and how to’s. That’s our genesis. “taking care of the intricacies”, so our clients have rest knowing they are in good hands.

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