Good and positive testimonials from satisfied medical tourists on the homepage of your website can instantly give off good vibes of your business to visitors. Since people these days rely more on what ‘customers’ say about you rather than what you say about your business and services, positive testimonials can play a significant role in boosting your medical tourism business and spreading your name in the market.

Impact of Testimonials on New Patients

Testimonials are sort of word of mouth marketing tactics, and undoubtedly a better medium for marketing than any form of advertisement you can opt for. Moreover, the reach of testimonials is not limited to your website only, since they can also be featured over your social media page or profile. Each can be shared, tweeted and pinned on any social platform thus boosting your popularity tenfold across the web.
If you are in the medical tourism busine cannot ignore the benefits these can get you. However, you can receive testimonials in a number of ways. Satisfied medical tourists can praise the hospital, friendly nurses, the grand lobby of the hotel, the spotless clean rooms, great food and similar things like that. But these testimonials are quite common and don’t sway people much in this industry. Testimonials praising things like great treatment, aftercare services, assistance on every step, etc. can reflect how much you care and how good you are at serving patients.

This blog is aimed at enlightening you on how you can get the latter type of testimonials from your medical tourists regarding your services. Read on to know the six simple ways for getting testimonials from patients.

1.) Written Treatment Plan

Patients want everything in black and white for their assurance as they choose you for their medical tourism. It is best to print out the recommended plan of action, along with details of the whole procedure so that they can read it carefully later and think about your offer with a sound mind.

2.) Complete Cost Estimate

Once the patient agrees with your recommended plan, provide them with a reliable cost estimate of the preferred treatment and other related expenses. Make sure there are no hidden expenditures and each and every thing is clearly presented before them.

3.) Secure Means of Communication

Medical tourists want a secure and confidential way of communication for sharing medical records and test results. Since patients are sensitive about their private health information, they want to be certain that communication with you is private at every step.

4.) Patient Follow-up

Patients feel secure and satisfied throughout the medical trip when their medical facilitators stay in contact with them all the time. Be sure to do follow-up calls and emails to your patients to check whether everything is going as per schedule or not.

5.) Aftercare Services

Once the patient has gone through the medical treatment, don’t assume that your job is done there and then. You have to make sure that patients receive proper aftercare services as well.

6.) Proactively Solve Issues

Carefully listen to what patients tell you and what problems they are facing. Immediately take action to solve their issues or call in concerned individuals who can.

Patient satisfaction is completely dependent on how you offer your services to them during their medical trip. By taking care of small things, you can provide the patients the satisfaction and sense of security they are seeking. Consequently, this will put you in a position for asking your patients to write good testimonials on your website, which will attract more customers and ultimately increase your medical travel business’s credibility and reputation.
Apart from testimonials, there are other ways as well to improve your medical travel business reputation like opting for reliable consumer referral providers such as Medical Tourism Business. If you are a new medical travel facilitator and looking for tailored solutions for boosting your business, then let us be your partner and offer you training and necessary tools and resources to get a head start in the medical tourism industry.

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