Over the years, we’ve observed a significant uptick in the number of Americans traveling to Turkey for medical care. While Turkey is by no means the only destination considered by Americans seeking medical care abroad, its popularity is undeniably on the rise. This article delves into the reasons behind this trend.

Whether you’re a medical tourism facilitator in the United States looking to send patients to Turkey or a Turkish agency aiming to attract international patients, understanding the driving forces behind this trend is crucial.

For a long time, Turkey was mainly known as a go-to destination for hair transplants. However, things have changed, and these days, Turkey is sought after for a wide array of medical and dental procedures.

The State of U.S. Healthcare and Insurance Coverage

Despite progress made with the Affordable Care Act and other healthcare reforms, a significant number of Americans remain uninsured or underinsured. According to the latest available data, millions of Americans do not have adequate health insurance, creating substantial financial risks.

Even for those who have insurance, high deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums can make certain treatments and procedures prohibitively expensive, particularly high-cost surgeries or specialized treatments. It’s not uncommon for insured individuals to face thousands of dollars in costs even after their insurance has paid its share.

Why Americans Are Increasingly Choosing Turkey for Medical Care

One of the primary reasons Americans are traveling to Turkey for medical treatment is cost. U.S. healthcare is notoriously expensive, and many procedures and medications are not covered by insurance. Given these financial realities, an increasing number of Americans are seeking medical treatment abroad.

Medical treatments in countries like Turkey can be significantly less expensive than equivalent treatments in the U.S., even after factoring in travel and accommodation expenses. This affordability, coupled with often shorter wait times for procedures, makes medical tourism an increasingly appealing option for many Americans.

The Role of the Turkish Government

Over the past couple of decades, Turkey has experienced rapid growth in the medical tourism sector. This is no accident. The Turkish government has enacted initiatives aimed at improving healthcare quality and has been proactive in positioning the country as the go-to destination for medical travel.


Medical tourism is more than just a growing trend; it’s an industry reshaping how patients worldwide approach their healthcare needs. If you’re interested in starting a medical tourism company that facilitates trips to Turkey, or if you wish to expand your existing agency, our membership and certification programs can assist you. Over the years, these programs have helped countless medical tourism founders build their businesses from the ground up, and they can help you achieve the same success. As the landscape of global healthcare continues to evolve, staying informed and adaptable will be key to success.

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