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6 Ways To Boost Your International Patient Lead Conversation Rate

The medical tourism industry has now become one of the fastest-growing sectors. For surgeries like cosmetic, dental, and heart, there has been an increase in medical tourism international patients. With the continuous expansion of the industry, there is a need for you to know how to get clients for medical tourism if you intend to stay relevant in the industry.

Did you know that obtaining a high patient conversion rate goes beyond publishing content on your blog or website and expecting patients to call after consuming the content? A large part of acquiring a high patient conversion rate is presenting the right information at the right time, but that’s just a fraction of it.

What is it then? 

I have come to understand that patient conversion rate refers to the percentage of leads who turn into actual customers after a series of engagements. So, it’s one thing to attract a lot of people to your blog or website, and it’s altogether a different thing to have them take action by filling out the contact form on your site or turning them into your actual clients.

As a medical tourism business owner, if you are experiencing a low conversion rate, it means that you need to modify your digital marketing for medical tourism. This will enable you to achieve a higher conversion rate, to get patients for medical tourism, and help more people that come to you from various parts of the world.

In case you do not know, a lot of people rely on medical practitioners outside their country for their health care

Medical tourism for international patients saves lives, saves costs, and gives people access to healthcare all around the globe. So if your patient conversion rate is high, you get to do more for people, and if it’s low, you end up doing little or nothing. Imagine a situation where a hundred people visit your website to see if you can solve a particular health problem every day. Still, only one reaches out to you in the end, and it means that your website is yielding a meager conversion rate. When that happens, you will need to identify why people are ignoring your “call to action.”

While there are several reasons for low patient conversion, ineffective communication, which is rooted in not being able to address the questions on the minds of the patients, and not being able to clearly state the services that will be provided is a leading reason.

In this lesson, however, you will learn how to engage and sustain a more meaningful conversation with the leads you meet, thus boosting your conversion rate.

Here are the six ways to boost your Patient Conversion Rate:

1.) Identify the Initial Source of Engagement: How did these patients get to know about your website and your services? Did they get to know through Google, social media, a referral from a friend, or they casually stumbled upon it online? By identifying the initial source of engagement, you can allocate more funds to that source to get more potential patients. Invest in digital marketing for medical tourism to make it easy for you to allocate funds and track.

2.) Engage in Effective Listening: Effective listening goes beyond hearing what someone has to say. It involves concentrating, understanding, responding, and remembering the details of the conversation. You will be able to get clients for medical tourism when you listen to find out their needs, what they desire to achieve on their medical tourism journey, and how well you can meet their expectations. However, if you realize that you would not be able to provide that service they need, ensure to clearly state what you can do and how you can solve their problems.

3.) Get the Details of their Medical Condition: Every medical tourism international patient will only make inquiries about your services because they are in actual need of your services. Identify the medical condition of the patient and the illness affecting the patient as you will need this information to provide to your network of healthcare providers.

As a medical tourism facilitator, you will need to discuss specific details of the treatment with the patient. It would help if you never assumed the medical status of the prospective client. While a medical tourism international patient may only need cosmetics surgery, another may require a service to treat more serious, life-threatening, and terminal illness. Getting the details will put you in the best position and will help you determine which physician in your network is most suitable to send the patient referral to. Make sure that you are not advising the patient on healthcare treatments because that’s what your network of doctors and surgeons are for.

4.) Draw out the Medical Procedure Time-Frame: Amongst others, you will be able to get patients for medical tourism if you show how organized you are. Find out the treatment time-frame and your patient’s travel period. Knowing these will not only make you put things in place, but it will also help you to determine the level of urgency of the medical procedure. You will be able to know whether the client is ready for the medical travel trip or is only making inquiries. You will be able to know whether to begin their paperwork and engage in immediate follow-up or postpone to a later time. Getting your facts right about the needs of a client and mapping out the medical procedure time-frame will help you to make informed decisions and make better use of your time.

5.) Get them Familiarized with your Expertise: How to get clients for medical tourism is also dependent on how familiar they are with your expertise. After identifying their medical condition and proposed time-frame, assure your prospective client. Assure them of your expertise and the benefits they can gain from your company. However, while talking about your company, be careful not to overwhelm the client with information about your organization and your network of healthcare providers. If you bombard them with too much data, your prospective client may begin to feel like you’re trying to pressure them to make a sale. Ensure you give them reasons why your company is perfect for them and why they are the ideal person for your company.

6.) Get the Necessary Information: Do not expect that your medical tourism international patient gave you all the information you need. Before you end the conversation, get their contact details – telephone numbers and email address. Request for their medical information – diagnostic report, and medical records to see if they are the perfect candidate for their desired medical procedure.

After contacting your network of healthcare partners, provide the patient with an estimate. It’s, however, best not to give an estimate until you get all the required documentation. When you reach a consensus, you can go ahead and set up a telephone conversation with the patient and the overseas physician.

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