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Video Transcript: Hey guys Gilliam Elliott here I want to come to you today again with another educational video and medical tourism but today I want to focus more on medical tourism facilitators and different business models they can set up to be successful in the medical tourism industry so there’s a few different ways popular ways here in the medical tourism industry that facilitators take payment or set up their business model the first one is at an administration fee the second one is a referral fee and the third one is a procedure package pricing and today I want to focus on the last one that I mentioned which is procedure practice pricing that one is exciting for a multitude of ways one is because it’s a win for the patient and it’s also a win for the medical tourism facilitator so this package would include or two you want it to include anything that a medical tourist would need on their trip right this includes the the health care procedure this includes the doctors fees this includes the supplies it even goes as far as including the transportation and hotel so you want to get as many things you can into this package and present this to the client that way the client doesn’t have to go to multiple different companies and get multiple different quotes and pay multiple different people this way they can all just pay you this one fee and be done with it and have everything in this one feet on a side note also it’s likely that you’re not going to be able to add everything in this package but add as many things as you can bundle them together and present this quote to the to the patient and they’re gonna love it I see it work like a charm all the time it’s very convenient for them as you can imagine who wants to you know imagine if you have to go to the store and get one item per store for your whole house or for your whole family that would be a nightmare when you can just go to one store get everything and walk out and go home I think I’m gonna take the last one I think you would too so that’s the beauty of this of this product also you could tack your fee on there as obviously as the more things you add into this package but you want to be very clear about what’s in the package and what’s not in the package if the things that you know that the patient is gonna gonna have to pay for be very clear with that patient you don’t want to have them have any surprises in this in this scenario it’s gonna reflect bad on you and your business and they’re not gonna be happy customer so let them know what’s all in the package and then let them know they might have to pay for other things as well and let them know what those things would be but you definitely wanna communicate those as clear and concise as possible I have an example chart here that I want to share with you as well I do want to let you know the numbers in this in this chart or not going to be specific numbers it’s just some random numbers I put on here but the package is very real these are things that will be in the package but I want to give you a visual so I put numbers with them as well so yeah and the procedure which represents X on this chart the procedure would obviously be cosmetic dentistry orthopedics whatever it might be that’s what they represent it’s procedure on this chart then you have the surgical centers fee or the health care centers fee which is ten thousand dollars on this chart that doctor would have a separate fee which would be $800 on my chart and then you’d have something like complication insurance in medication which complication insurance is $600 a month and medication is 12 and dollars in my chart so you present this package to the customer and twelve thousand six hundred dollars and you would say these are all these things are going to be included in your package and you want have to pay any fee outside of this fee for these procedures it’s typically going to be a flat fee so that’s that’s attractive to the customer and obviously you can add on things like hotel lodging or you know you can you could add everything into this package as many things you think that they’re going to need on this medical trip so they can make this one payment and it eliminates the the payout they have to do when they’re there they just pay this one fee also when it comes to quotes this is something that I’ve been getting a lot over the years facilitators that I work with say hey people are emailing me they’re asking me how much for my services and I don’t even know exactly what they want you want to be very you want to be very slow to give them a specific quote because it could come back to haunt you right if you don’t know exactly what their procedure is what they need where they’re trying to go try to pick up the phone try to get a telephone number for that customer so you guys can have a conversation you can get more details you can give them more of a specific quote if you know it gets to a point where they just want to communicate through email and say hey I just want to quote let them know in that email hey this is a number that it’s gonna cost this is what it’s gonna cost but it is subject to change because I don’t have all the details I need that’s very important for you just to cover your tracks it doesn’t look like you’re wavering on what the fee would be when it comes to you working with these international hospitals it can get tricky with these packages because a lot of these hospitals already have their own procedure package pricing so you want to make sure that your procedure package pricing that you’re promoting on the internet when someone a customer calls you and say hey how much of these services together and you say this is how much it will cost you for this bundle package for this procedure package you want to make sure that patient doesn’t hang up call the hospital that they want to go to that you promote it for and ask them the same question and they give them a different number so you want to make sure that the hospital that you’re working with it’s consistent with you you want to make sure you guys have the same bundle package and it’s promoted at the same rate so the customer doesn’t bypass you and goes to the hospital this is something I’ve seen happen before so you want to make sure you tell the hospital hey if you guys are going to promote the same package make sure it cost the same amount is mine that way is no confusing and you don’t get cut out any kind of any in that scenario for the most part so when it comes to you actually receiving payment from these customers you can do it one of two ways so one is you can have these you can offer this big bundle to the patient and tell them what the price is and they can pay the hospital or you can provide them this bundle and they can pay you directly so obviously there’s pros and cons in both ways the cons is is that if you if you let them pay the hospital it’s going to be a bit of a delay before you get your money from that hospital and if you take the payment then you have more liability as an as a company if you accept payment directly from that patient obviously is your decision on that and we can work with you on different on these other different business models as well which I’ll go to in another video but if you need if you just get into the industry and you need a website or you need a bigger presence online or even more educational tools or practical tools let us know we can’t help you I can help you I’m going to leave my link below as well to our membership and then also to all certifications etc but let us know I didn’t want to come to you with this because this is a business model that is exciting I’ve seen a lot of success with it and I think you can have a lot of success with it as well Thanks a lot guys