The impressive growth rate in medical tourism across the globe has not only made more patients interested in traveling overseas for treatments but many aspiring entrepreneurs are now seeking medical tourism as their main business focus. Though venturing in this industry is a good idea, in order to become a successful medical tourism travel agent or health provider, you need to understand the industry related problems first, so that you can take adequate measures to overcome these problems and take your business to greater heights. If you’re wondering about what these problems may be, then read on to find out.

Problem#1- Poor Online Presence and Brand Obscurity

Today, patients interested in medical tourism look for two things. Firstly, that the medical tourism company is trustworthy and secondly, that the medical tourism facilitator has a strong online presence. This is where a new medical travel agent/operator may struggle. Here, it is important to understand that no matter how good your services may be, patients won’t be willing to do business with you, if they have never heard of you or the hospitals you work with. Also, if you’re not visible online or on the first pages of Google for patients, you may never be able to build business credibility and attract clients the way you want to.

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Simply put, to become a successful medical tourism travel agent, you need to create a strong online presence so that people know who you are and what your company specializes in.

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Problem #2- Lack of Patient Conversion

Attracting leads to your business website is one thing; converting them into customers is another. Some medical travel agents end up spending thousands of dollars on online marketing campaigns in the quest to attract leads, that fail to deliver them the desired results. It only adds to their frustration, stress and costs. The key reason why patient inquiries fail to convert into paying customers is that the leads generated are not targeted. This means to increase your conversion ratio, you need to attract patient inquiries when their interest is at its highest.


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Finding Medical Tourism Clients

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Get a marketing certification in medical tourism