The rise of medical tourism has seen a surprising number of countries across the world emerge as viable medical tourism destinations. These are countries which, despite being relatively lower in terms of development, as compared to the US, the UK and others, boast healthcare facilities that are up to international standards.

Columbia is one country that dominates in medical tourism. Although initially known primarily for its pristine beaches and beautiful, tropical scenery, Columbia is now one of the premier destinations for people seeking quality healthcare at a mere fraction of the usual cost. Often touted as the top Latin American country in terms of healthcare programs, Columbia has enjoyed rapid progress in the medical field for a length of time now.

Columbia’s Growth in the Medical Tourism Field

There have been a number of reasons that have contributed to Columbia’s growth in the field of medical tourism. The most important movement towards this growth can undoubtedly be attributed towards the government’s involvement in the situation.

What began with a decision to clean up the image of the country, eventually led to extensive promotion as a high quality, efficient and comparatively less expensive destination for treatment seekers.

The Minister of Tourism for Columbia, Luis Guillermo Plata has expressed the expectations of the government regarding the ongoing rise of medical tourism and ongoing development of medical services and facilities in the country. He has given credit to the generally high quality standards for medicine in Columbia, and the highly affordable nature, as compared to the US and Europe, of medical treatments for a wide range of ailments and surgeries.

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Services and Treatments available to Medical Tourists in Columbia

The country has quickly become known as a hub for medical tourists seeking facial and/or cosmetic treatments, as well as dental surgeries. However, in recent years, there has been a rapid development in the medical sector, specifically to incorporate other, more complex treatments such as cardiac surgery.

Following is a list of the most common and highest quality services that are available to medical tourists within Columbia.

  • Cosmetic surgery: Columbia has been a well known destination for an extensive range of cosmetic treatments which include liposuction, reconstruction, lifting and augmentation surgeries.

  • Dental surgery: Dental surgeries are another fairly common procedure that medical tourists frequent Columbia for. The professionals working there are reputed to be among the best in the world and the costs are much lower than in the US.

  • Cardiac treatments: Cardiac surgeries are the most recent procedures to be incorporated into the superior quality medical service repertoire of Columbian hospitals. Cardiac surgery is an inherently costly procedure in the world, especially in the majority of the west. However, Columbia not only boasts some of the best hospitals and specialty clinics for just this procedure, it features cost packages that bring in hoards of treatment seekers each year.

  • Hip, knee and joint replacements: A search for inexpensive yet excellent specialized and complex treatments such as joint replacement, are some of the main reasons why medical tourists started choosing Columbia as their preferred destination.

All in all, Columbia has certainly made its mark in the medical tourism world and looks to be making steady headway in the industry. We can expect further growth of medical tourism in the country, as medical facilities progress technologically and the influx of tourists increases every year.

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