The Facilitator Gold Membership focuses on guiding medical travel professionals through the startup phase. This program is packed with “best practice” resources. These essential tools are necessary for any health and wellness tourism company to succeed. 


  •  Medical Tourism Facilitator Certification 

  • Patient Leads 

  • Be Introduced to Hospital and Clinic Members Through a Personalized Email

  • Legal Contracts & Patient Waiver Agreements 

  • Sample Business Plan for Facilitators 

  • Templates, How-To Guides, and Beginner’s Manuals from Experts

  • Receive an Exclusive Listing on the Make Medical Trip Directory (

  • List Your Contact Information, Corporate Profile & Logo on the Medical Tourism Business Directory (

  • Receive a 20% Discount on Web Design and Google Ranking Services

  • Visibility & Brand Affiliation

  • 1-Year Membership Benefits

  • Plus, You’ll Receive A Personalized Company Assessment Call From One of Our Experts