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  • If you're looking to become a health tourism agent or grow your existing agency, 'The Medical Tourism Facilitator Startup' is just the book for you. It is packed with useful tips, real-life examples, checklists, and advice to help you avoid common mistakes and reach your goals faster. This book is not just a resource; it's your gateway to a world of opportunities. For those with the vision of transforming lives as healthcare travel facilitators, this is your compass, guiding you toward your goals with clear, achievable steps. 'The Medical Tourism Facilitator Startup' will guide you on your path, transforming you from a novice into an expert and turning your dreams into reality. It's more than a book; it's an investment in your future, a bold step towards your success, and an opportunity to make your mark on the healthcare travel sector. It also takes you into exciting subcategories of health tourism, like dental tourism, wellness tourism, and even pharmacy tourism—this guide covers it all. * Available in both paperback and eBook formats. Table of Contents Chapter 1: The Rise of a Healthcare Revolution Chapter 2: A Closer Look at the Different Types of Healthcare Travel Chapter 3: Unlock the Secrets of Medical Tourism Facilitation Chapter 4: Inside the Minds of Traveling Patients Chapter 5: What’s Driving the Growth of Health Tourism? Chapter 6: Discover the Pharmacy Tourism Movement Chapter 7: Exploring the Dental Tourism Market Chapter 8: Delivering the Ultimate Patient Experience Chapter 9: Creating the Perfect Marketing Strategy Chapter 10: Boost Your Bottom Line: The Fastest Way to Attract More Customers Chapter 11: Drive Traffic to Your Website with SEO Chapter 12: Turn Your Website into a Lead Magnet Chapter 13: Content Multiplication: The Ultimate Weapon for Marketing Success Chapter 14: Lead Generation through Content Marketing Chapter 15: The Power of Social Media Marketing Chapter 16: Building Credibility for Your Startup Chapter 17: Setting Yourself Apart from Competitors Chapter 18: Create a Winning Business Plan for Medical Tourism Chapter 19: Uncover the World of Wellness Tourism Chapter 20: Contracts and Risk Management Techniques Chapter 21: Turning Leads into Loyal Customers Chapter 22: Bringing Your Idea to the Marketplace Chapter 23: Medical Tourism Resources
  • Our all-inclusive program is packed with proven resources and ready-made documents, so you can hit the ground running and start building your business right away. With the Facilitator Gold Membership, you'll have access to a wide range of resources, including training and certification programs, industry-leading tools and resources, and a community of medical tourism experts who can provide support, guidance, and advice along the way. Take the first step towards building your business today and join the Facilitator Gold Membership now.


    • Everything in the "Certified Medical Travel Agent" Package 

    • (1) Medical Tourism Facilitator Certification 

    • (5) Legal Contracts

    • Essential Business Tools 

    • Expert Consulting

    • Certification Seal For Your Website

    • 20% Discount on Marketing

    • 20% Discount on Website Design Services 

    • Directory Listing

    • 1-Year Membership

  • Certified Medical Travel Professional
    The Certified Medical Travel Agent Certification is a valuable asset for anyone involved in the medical tourism sector. This accreditation contains all the information needed to build a successful health and wellness tourism agency from the ground up. The Certified Medical Travel Agent Certification is an investment in your business and your future that will pay off for years to come. Don't wait any longer to take the first step towards building your future - choose the Certified Medical Travel Agent Certification today!
    • Available in both English and Spanish

    • Discover the steps to starting a health tourism agency from the ground up.

    • Boost credibility and trust by displaying the CMTA accreditation seal on your website.

    • Reduce risk and liability through effective strategies.

    • Learn how to market your medical tourism company successfully.

    • Gain insight into what motivates patients to seek medical treatment abroad.

    • Explore business models, hospital partnerships, and branding.

    • Learn how to attract international patients to your agency.

    • Gain the skills to coordinate world-class medical trips for your clients.

  • Step into the medical travel world fully equipped. With the Facilitator Elite Membership, you aren't just getting a program; you're securing the best tools, training, and support available for startup founders. It's our premium package, bundling every top-notch service we offer. Stand out, thrive, and lead in health tourism. If you're serious about success, this membership is for you. 


    • Includes everything in the "Facilitator Gold Membership"

    • (2) Certified Medical Travel Agent Certifications

    • Certification Seal for Website

    • Facilitator and Healthcare Provider Agreements

    • Patient Waiver Agreement

    • Contract Between Client and Facilitator

    • Pre-Screening and Medical History Forms

    • Medical Traveler Application

    • Expert Consulting

    • Introduction to Hospitals

    • Directory Listing and Company Profile

    • Exclusive Webinars and Workshops

    • 20% Discount on Marketing

    • 20% Discount on Website Design Services

    • Business Plan Template

    • Patient Communication Templates

    • Patient Email Response Templates

    • Marketing Plan Template

    • 1-Year Membership

  • Solid medical tourism contracts are the most crucial tool to safeguard your agency from potential lawsuits. They outline the rights, duties, and expectations of everyone partaking in the medical tourism process. When drafted properly, a contract is a great way to avoid lawsuits and ensure all parties are on the same page. Sometimes, conflicts still happen, and when they do, you want your contract to provide the most peaceful and sensible conflict resolution. These agreements help mitigate as much of your company’s liability as possible during the facilitation process. The following contracts are included in this plan:
    • Patient Waiver Agreement

    • Facilitator and Healthcare Provider Agreements

    • Agreement Between Client and Facilitator

    • Patient Pre-Screening and Medical History Form

    • Contract Guidelines

    • Patient Application

  • Website Design

    Medical Tourism Business (MTB) specializes in providing professional web design services for medical tourism facilitators, clinics, hospitals, and other industry stakeholders. MTB’s websites are designed to be user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and optimized for both conversions and search engines. Clients also have the option to add technical support for ongoing website upkeep and troubleshooting. Here are some additional benefits of the web design services offered by Medical Tourism Business (MTB):
    • Customized design options to reflect the unique branding and image of your business

    • Regular website updates and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and security

    • Access to a dedicated project manager to coordinate and oversee the development of your website

    • A/B testing to optimize website design and layout for maximum conversion rates

    • Option for responsive design that automatically adapts to different screen sizes and devices

  • If you want to get your website viewed by thousands of potential medical travelers in a relatively short time frame, Google Advertising is perfect. A lot goes into creating a successful Search Advertising campaign: researching and choosing the right keywords, organizing those keywords into well-organized campaigns and ad groups, and writing attractive ad copy.  Highlights of our Search Advertising service:
    • We will run advertisement campaigns that target medical travelers in your countries of choice.

    • We run ads that focus on patients looking for specific treatments.

    • Monitor and adjust bidding to ensure your ad is in one of the top 3 positions on Google at all times.

    • Provide a monthly report to show you how many impressions and clicks each campaign has received for the month

    • Our team will do keyword research and write promotional content for each ad campaign to target specific medical tourists.

    • The campaign will be placed in front of thousands of potential clients per month.

  • Welcome to our Government and Healthcare Cluster Membership program. This program is tailored to meet the unique needs of these sectors. Our members gain exclusive access to a wealth of resources and benefits. From a directory listing that drives patients to your online platforms, to personal introductions to international patient coordinators, we've got you covered. Stay informed with the latest in medical tourism through our updates and expert-led webinars. Benefit from consulting sessions, and make your mark with our MTB membership seal. Plus, enjoy discounts on certifications and digital marketing services and seize numerous networking opportunities. Your membership will include the following benefits:
    • Directory Listing: Drive patients directly to your website and online platforms.

    • Personal Introductions: Connect with international patient coordinators and medical tourism facilitators.

    • Medical Tourism Updates: Stay informed.

    • Access Webinars: Learn from experts.

    • Consulting Sessions: Get professional advice.

    • MTB Database Email: Connect with our network.

    • MTB Membership Seal: Show your affiliation.

    • Certification Discounts: Receive discounts on certification and training programs.

    • Discounts: Save on web development and marketing.

    • Networking: Expand your connections.

  • The annual membership will provide access to industry certifications, an exclusive directory listing, introductions to international patient coordinators, and discounts on marketing services, allowing your healthcare organization to expand and grow in the medical travel sector. Here are the  membership benefits that your organization will receive:
    • (1) Medical Travel Certifications
    • Directory Listing 
    • Personal Introduction to International Patient Coordinators
    • Expert Consulting Sessions
    • Introductory Email To MTB Database
    • Use MTB Membership Seal
    • 20% Discount on Website Development and Digital Marketing
    • Networking Opportunities

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