The Certified Medical Travel Agent Certification raises the bar for individuals and organizations involved in the medical tourism sector.

During the course, you will be presented with facts, statistics, and proven strategies from medical travel experts. The material is easy-to-follow and addresses every question that someone starting a health and wellness tourism agency would have. 

Having a certification increases your credibility and instills confidence in potential clients. 

  • Learn How to Start a Health Tourism Agency from Scratch

  • Increase Trust and Credibility with Your Clients

  • Learn “Best Practices” in Global Healthcare 

  • Decrease Your Risk and Liability

  • Learn How to Market a Medical Tourism Company Successfully

  • Find Out What Motivates Patients to Utilize Medical Tourism

  • Learn About Business Models, Hospital Partnerships, and Branding

  • Find Out How to Attract International Patients

  • Learn How to Coordinate a World-Class Trip for Your Clients