Due to Covid-19, patients are much more cautious about the health tourism companies and hospitals they choose to work with. Now, more than ever medical travelers want to know that you have some sort of industry training, certification, or medical tourism accreditation. This shows prospects that your organization is committed to patient safety and keeps up with industry “best practices”. Trust symbols such as certified logos on your website and brochures instantly represent legitimacy and credibility. This also sets your agency apart from competitors and makes clients feel more comfortable with doing business with you.

Earning a certification in global healthcare is one of the most important tasks you can undertake. Not only does getting certified help you attract more clients, but certifications like the Certified Medical Travel Agent Course by Medical Tourism Business, shows you how to set up a facilitation company from A to Z, and it keeps you up to date on the latest trends, and important industry topics.

Here are a few things you will learn during the Certified Medical Travel Agent Course:

  • Learn How to Build a Health Tourism Agency from Scratch
  • Gain Credibility and Attract More Clients
  • Find out About Business Models, Risk Management, and Marketing
  • Discover How to Coordinate a World-Class Trip for Your Clients
  • Learn What Drives Patients to Utilize Healthcare Tourism

Medical Tourism Business is the leading medical travel platform, where you can find all the resources to launch your global healthcare startup. Our team is full of medical tourism experts who can provide 24/7 mentoring and support.

We offer contracts for medical tourism companies, business plans, online training, website development, patient leads, and much more.


I am really happy that I decided to take the Certified Medical Travel Agent course because it increased my knowledge about being a medical tourism facilitator. It was very interesting and informative. It is not just boring text and quizzes. Each lesson contains a training video. Also, the membership I chose has all the essential documents I need for my business, I couldn’t find them on the internet before I met MTB. They also already gave us a few patient leads, it’s amazing. Thank you so much again and best wishes! – Ekaterina Ponti, Certified Medical Travel Agent

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