Morocco is making significant improvements in its health and wellness tourism sector. Medical tourism in Morocco has benefited from several factors, including proximity to Western Europe, a favorable climate, and low-cost flights. Also, many Moroccans are fluent in Arabic and French, so it’s an excellent destination for Francophone and Arab countries.

Medical tourists fly to Morroco for various procedures, but most prefer to visit for cosmetic and dental treatment because they are relatively cheaper. Prices are about 30% to 50% lower than the cost of procedures in France and other parts of Western Europe.

Additionally, cosmetic surgery in Morocco is not subject to value-added tax compared to other countries in the MEA medical tourism market, which further reduces treatment costs.

An overview of the Moroccan Medical Tourism Market

In its recent paper, the Moroccan Institute of Strategic Intelligence (IMIS) mentions that the country’s medical travel division is profitable, although overlooked. As a prominent factor in the Moroccan economy, it is a great avenue to generate foreign exchange and enhance the national economy if harnessed.

Below are the key factors for Morocco’s medical tourism market growth:

> The government’s involvement in improving the nation’s branding strategy through investment in medical and hospitality resources.

> Digital revival through technology

> Understanding evolving consumers’ demands and enhancing the countries’ economy and infrastructure

Stay Ahead of Your Competition

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