If you are an international patient coordinator, you play a crucial role in helping patients access quality healthcare in foreign countries. As you facilitate these medical journeys, it is important to be aware of the legal and financial risks you and your agency can face. That is why having your clients sign a Patient Waiver Agreement before their trip is essential to safeguard your agency and personal assets. In this blog, we will discuss what Patient Waiver Agreements are and why they are vital for you as a medical travel agent.

A Patient Waiver Agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of the medical trip, including the services that you will provide and those that you will not provide. The agreement also informs patients that you and the healthcare provider are two separate entities and that you will not provide medical advice, treatment, therapy, or prescribe medications. Since the waiver agreement specifies who is responsible, it reduces the potential for legal liability. By making it clear to patients that you are not a medical provider, you can avoid legal liability for complications or surgical errors.

Having a signed Patient Waiver Agreement is imperative for you as an agent because it can protect your agency and personal assets in case something goes wrong during the medical trip. Moreover, including clauses in the agreement that inform patients of the potential risks of overseas healthcare can also help reduce the likelihood of litigation.

It is important to ensure that the Patient Waiver Agreement is written in language that is easily understood by clients to avoid misunderstandings. You should outline the risks associated with medical tourism in the agreement, including the client’s agreement to travel at their own risk. Additionally, the document should include a clause stating that there is no guarantee of a successful medical outcome.

In conclusion, a signed Patient Waiver Agreement is crucial to mitigate the legal and financial risks that you and your agency can face. By providing your clients with a clear understanding of the terms and conditions of their medical trip, you can protect yourself and your agency from potential lawsuits.

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