If you are newly entering the global travel industry, give yourself and your company the best chance at success by taking the Certified Medical Travel Agent Course. This certification and accreditation in health and medical tourism entails in-depth training and shows you how to set up and operate a profitable health tourism agency step by step.

Today, we would like to introduce the new graduating class of MTB Certified Members. These members have all taken and passed the online global healthcare training course. The new members include Habiba Djoubo, Ekaterina Ponti, Hicham Rajraji, Lirieth Herrera Clark, and Adel Maktouf.


I am really happy that I decided to take the Certified Medical Travel Agent course because it increased my knowledge about being a medical tourism facilitator. It was very interesting and informative. It is not just boring text and quizzes. Each lesson contains a training video. Also, the membership I chose has all the essential documents I need for my business, I couldn’t find them on the internet before I met MTB. They also already gave us a few patient leads, it’s amazing. Thank you so much again and best wishes! – Ekaterina Ponti, Certified Medical Travel Agent

For more information on how to enroll in this online course, contact us at Info@MedicalTourismBusiness.com or Tel/WhatsApp +1 561-909-7178.