Travel agents have long been a crucial part of the tourism industry, helping travelers plan and book their vacations. However, with the growing popularity of medical tourism, travel agents now have the opportunity to expand their services and offer additional support to their clients by becoming medical tourism facilitators.

Medical tourism is the act of traveling to another country to receive medical care. Patients may choose to seek medical care abroad for a variety of reasons, such as lower costs, access to cutting-edge treatments, or the opportunity to combine their medical care with a vacation. As a result, the demand for medical tourism facilitators is on the rise.

The Role of Travel Agents as Medical Tourism Facilitators

Travel agents, with their expertise in planning and organizing complex itineraries, coordinating travel logistics, and understanding the needs of their clients, are well-suited to assist in the planning and booking of medical trips. They can assist patients in finding the best medical options abroad by recommending top-rated medical facilities and providers, coordinating travel logistics, and providing ongoing support throughout the medical trip. By adding medical tourism to their list of services, travel agents can diversify their business and offer a valuable service to their clients.

Why Travel Agents Need to Get Certified in Medical Tourism

Obtaining certification in medical tourism allows travel agents to fully grasp the responsibilities and requirements of being a medical travel agent and stay up-to-date with industry standards and regulations. It also equips them with effective strategies and tactics that they may not have been previously aware of, ultimately enhancing their credibility and reputation among clients and other industry professionals.


In summary, adding medical tourism to your list of services as a travel agent is a natural transition and an easy way to grow your agency. With your skills and knowledge in the travel industry, you are well-suited to assist in the planning and booking of medical trips, and help your clients make informed decisions about their medical travel. Furthermore, getting certified in medical tourism can enhance your credibility, give you a deeper understanding of your responsibilities as a facilitator and provide additional resources and opportunities to better serve your clients.

Reach Your Full Potential in Medical Tourism with MTB

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