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Stan Touhlov

Stan Touhlov has taken and passed the MTB Certified Medical Travel Agent course.

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Paris International Care is a full service medical concierge company tailored to the needs of our clients, headquartered in Bougival, France. We offer quality and tailor-made concierge and medical travel services to people who can cover the costs of your stay in France for medical treatment, with world-renowned specialists, all while respecting your culture.


Tracy Griffith

Tracy Griffith has taken and passed the MTB Certified Medical Travel Agent course.

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Healthcare Adventures

Healthcare Adventures specializes in organizing and planning medical trips for patients interested in traveling to Panama and Costa Rica for medical treatment.

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Langdon at BarnaClinic

Dr. Langdon developed his private practice in Barnaclínic+. Barnaclinic is integrated into the "Grup Hospital Clínic de Barcelona", which is recognized as the best Spanish hospital and as a European reference because of its great biomedical experience. Our professionals' excellence and leadership, as well as the generated scientific production, play nowadays a key role in [...]

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Apollo Medical Travel LLC

We believe that everyone should have access to high quality medical care. We make medical care accessible by connecting patients with English speaking physicians around the world and supporting them from the initial consultation through recovery. We can save you 40-60% on a range of procedures, facilitate continuity of care, and ensure you have the [...]

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SEF-Surgical European Facilitator Srl

In Italy, SEF promotes the European Directive 2011/24 on Cross Border Healthcare to reduce the waiting lists, for bariatric and orthopedic surgery. SEF identified in some Eastern European capitals few high-standard quality private hospitals, and brought Italian surgeons with the major waiting lists to operate their patients in these hospitals. These Italian bariatric and orthopedic [...]

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Global Medic

About The GlobalMedic Company The GlobalMedic is a Singapore based operation which sends customers requiring medical treatment abroad. What makes us unique is that: We have established professional relationships with key hospitals and expert doctors to ensure you receive high quality treatment Our experience and links with such institutions ensures value for money compared to [...]

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Stem Cell Clinic

At the Stem Cell Clinic, we provide care for patients suffering from chronic degenerative diseases whose conditions can improve through the use of adult stem cell treatments. Our medical team consists of highly specialized doctors and hematologists who share the unified mission to better the lives of their patients. Our center was founded by Dr. [...]

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Global Healthcare Options

Global Healthcare Options (GHOp) is the most comprehensive medical tourism company dedicated to providing people willing to travel to Thailand with diagnostic and therapeutic treatment options of the highest caliber. We do not prescribe treatments, we simply provide the customers with a variety of world-class healthcare options delivered in a first-class package.

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