The MTB 1-year membership focuses on educating medical tourism professionals and is full of best practice tools and resources that are necessary for any medical tourism start-up company. 


  •  Medical Tourism Facilitator Certification 

  • Legal Contracts

  • The Facilitator Growth Kit 

  • Templates, How-To Guides, Business Plans, and Beginner’s Manuals from Experts

  • Access “Members Only” Networking Platform

  • Lean How to Successfully Market a Medical Tourism Company 

  • Learn What Motivates Medical Travelers to Utilize Medical Tourism

  • Learn About Business Models, Risk Management, and Branding

  • Understand Medical Travelers Needs and Wants

  • Understand What Role a Facilitator Plays in the Aftercare Process

  • Learn How to Coordinate a World Class Trip for Your Clients

  • Plus, You’ll Receive A Personalized Company Assessment Call From One of Our Experts.