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Home Study Course

You will be issued reading material, video tutorials, as well as a copy of our digital book The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Medical Tourism Facilitator. After you read this material you will be provided a link to a course which will be bases on the information you read. Once you complete this course successfully, you will receive the following 

>Digital certificate on completion

>Audio and Written Version of eBook will be provided

>Company listing or individual listing on our consumer website.

>Achievement Logo to place on your website

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming A Medical Tourism Facilitator (guidebook)

>Medical Tourism 101 – A Beginner’s Introduction to Healthcare Travel

>6 Secrets To Starting A Medical Tourism Company from Scratch

> How to Use Content Marketing To Get More Customers

>Statistics, Facts, and Research in Medical Tourism (Use “15 shocking new facts about medical tourism” off blog and pull it from both websites and add it to ebook) ALL ADD MORE FACTS TO THIS SECTION

>Google Ranking! How to get to Number 1 on Google 

>Creating a Successful Business Plan

>Return On Investment, Payment Structures, And Profitability

>Successful Facilitators Share Their Business Tips

>Traveling Patients Share Their Likes and Dislikes

> Patient Surveys, and Feedback

> A Talk with Hospitals who partner with Facilitators

>Telephone Talking Points | Conducting Efficient Phone Calls with Patients

> Social Media Tactics For Marketing Your Business Online 

>Patient Experience Best Practices

>How To Increase Your Patient Lead Conversion Rate

>5 Ways to Generate More Patient Leads

>Insurance Companies That are Partnering with Facilitators

>4 ways to boost your website’s conversion rate and get more patients

>5 Steps for Improving Your Medical Tourism Business’s Online Reputation

>Add-Ons, Additional Revenue and Upselling for Medical Tourism Facilitators

>Steps to Partner with Employers and Large Companies