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3 Reasons Patients Are Choosing Medical Tourism By Gilliam Elliott

Video Transcript: Hi guys Gilliam Elliott here I want to come to you guys today with three main factors that are attracting patients to medical tourism now I know a lot of people think that it’s just exotic destinations or patients are just attracted to the industry just to recover on an island somewhere and it is those things people are attracted to those things but it’s a lot more factors as well and while there are a lot of factors I just want to touch on the three main factors that we see patients traveling for medical tourism now I live here in America so it’s no secret that Americans pay the highest cost for medical treatment so you see a lot of Americans traveling all around the world traveling all around the globe to get access to more affordable health care and so that’s know that’s not just for America it’s it’s a lot of first world countries they have high cost for health care so they travel to developing countries to get access to affordable health care and also countries that are known for having a good standard of healthcare as well because there’s no benefit of saving money in getting a box procedures so that’s the reason why we see Americans traveling and we also see a lot of other countries traveling for affordable health care the next reason why we see patients travel is for better quality of healthcare now this goes into trying to get access to the latest technologies maybe the procedure isn’t available in their country so they travel to another country that has the latest technology or has access to certain treatments that might not be available in their home country now another reason why we see patients traveling and this goes to better quality of health care is I’m just going to give an example of stem cells we see a lot of patients who stem cells might not be legal in their country so they travel to another country to get stem-cell treatment or they travel to another country to get pharmaceuticals that they might not be able to get in their in their home country or access to prescriptions that aren’t approved yet in that country so this is this falls under the umbrella of better quality of care a lot of Russians patients we see just for an example they travel to places like China you see Russian patients traveling to India Russian patients traveling to Germany Israel you see them traveling all around the world because the health care system in in Russia isn’t isn’t the highest quality so they travel outside and that’s just an example you have a lot of other countries just thinking right now earlier today we had a patient that I posted on the members website it was a patient from Dubai he was going to Thailand because Thailand is known for having a great health care system with affordable rates so you see people from all around the world traveling to to other places to get better better access or better care when it comes to medical treatments the next reason we see patients traveling is it’s to avoid long wait lines now this goes into countries like the United Kingdom to Canada just to name a couple these countries have long wait times for people to get good treatments so imagine having an agonizing pain that that’s bothering you every day and you’re on this long wait list I recall seeing remember seeing someone that was on the wait list for upwards of six months so they’re six months they have this pain and they’re waiting on this list not knowing when they’re gonna get access to healthcare and they found out about medical tourism they came through our website ask questions we connected them with our members and instead of having to wait another three six months they got access they got on a plane they flew to another country and they got the health care treatment that they needed for an affordable rate this is just an example of a long wait list in countries where people really need health care treatments but they have to wait and so they ought to do medical tourism so that’s the that’s the last reason of the three reasons so just to go over the three reasons its cost savings it is better quality of care and then it’s to avoid long wait lines these are the main three reasons why we see patients drawn to medical tourism and as I said it’s a it’s a whole host of other reasons but these are the main factors that we see most patients inquiring about and the reason why they’re interested in the industry hey guys thanks for watching the video today if you’re looking to attract more international patient maybe you’re just joining the medical tourism industry and you’re looking to get access to resources like educational resources or educational tools documents that can help you in the medical tourism industry or maybe you’re just looking for online marketing for your website Google ranking I’m going to leave some links below for you guys to reach out to us directly and keep an eye out for our videos we’ve got to keep bringing them to you.